The WORKBENCH part 1


the idea … rotating a reflector around a small antenna to gain a bit in a certain direction.
reflector wil be mounted on a little stepper motor driven platform, with the antenna sticking trough.

well… that’s the theory :crazy_face:

use case : when receiving location data from mobile tracker the antenna follows the tracker


multiple SPI devices (RFM95) on a single arduino ? … meganode :crazy_face:


The new RFM95PW is slightly too wide for one breadboard :weary:

(Jeff Uk) #343

Sounds like a plan…will look myself as years since I last used any ‘free’ hosting services - just those associated with some (paid for) domain reg ‘free’ holding pages.

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BoRRoZ is down for maintenance… lol.
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lol… actually I have joomla installed (but didn’t like the template and I had no content, so I set it to ‘maintenance’


SCL and SDA for multiple SPI devices? :crazy_face:




repeating the conference workshop @ home


‘LoRa Warrior’

Based on @Charles’ very nice Mini-LoRa PCB (with minor custom modifications).
Arduino Pro Mini (stripped for low-power) + RFM95W module, standard 2x AAA 3V battery compartment and 5cm antenna.


sexy :wink:


Nice idea, I haven’t read the full article but I suspect that you will probably run into interrupt issues, because you will not be able to (instantly) respond to hardware interrupts when an interrupt occurs(?).


I will run in some issues, and for those I need extra (fast) ports, probably a dedicated lib
well it’s just an idea… but of course I bought the components :sunglasses:

I think I’ll need rf switches on those ports to, so I won’t blow frontend from the rfm95 when one is transmitting and one is listening (the antenna’s are on the same enclosure and very close) :scream:


Speaking about low-power:

Does anyone know a source for Dave Jones’ (EEVblog) µ-Current measuring device (or equivalent) for measuring low currents?

He currently does not sell it anymore, nor does


I can recommend this multimeter


I sent a mail to Dave last week asking him and telling him the links to his alternative “German” website didn’t work…

No reply yet…

As I understand he makes a batch of 100 now and then and sells them through his own website.


If you are in the market for a low power measurement device. The new EEVBlog multimeter has got uA range same as the uCurrent Gold.


are they sold in the EU ?


@bluejedi Yes I went to LowPowerLab, Felix don’t do it anymore. so the last solution is a DIY
It’s open source so you can get all here including gerber files and BOM file, should be easy to make :wink:

You can order uCurrent PCB directly on OSHPArk


Nice but around €420, way over my (hobby) budget.


Nice but I think this will suffer the same issues as even very expensive ones when measuring very small currents.