The WORKBENCH part 1


if I win the lottery …


what resolution are you looking for then … you can meassure a few micro amps


My multimeter has a 60 microampère range, but then its internal resistance is around 1k !
For the 6 milliampère range it is still 100 ohm.
So burden voltage becomes an issue. That is the reason for using a device like the µCurrent.




Nice one, reminds me of this project


signed up for COLLOS … want to test that TTN integration myself :sunglasses:


the rotary knobs arrived, start looking like an old ipod now :sunglasses:

I realised that I don’t have enough I/O and memory onboard of this Leonardo Pro Micro ATmega32U4 8MHz 3.3V , I will use an extra 32 kb F-ram to hold the menusystem, logging data, stored saved ‘packet push profiles’, general device key/application settings, framecounters ect.

And back to RN2483A in this version (that can run the TTN uno library).
Also I will stick to my 'one button rules all ’ design, so for switching the device on/off I’ll use this module

My problem is always that during working on something I get new ideas to improve/extend… like now I think, an onboard GPS would be nice to so I can use the devcice as a tracker… a lipo charger with indicator onscreen, graphical things to show RSSI/SNR ect.ect. and this is often the reason that some projects never see the end :rofl:

hardware more or less done… time for the firmware

  • while the big flat rotary knob looked nice, it don’t work very well.
    I ordered new knobs 36 mm and thick for a better grip.
    the alu will be spraypainted later… someday :wink:


still have a bunch of those cheap waterproof tempsensors, the DS18B20
never tried them with deepsleep actually… what happends with OneWire/deepsleep ?


huh… 433Mhz ? :crazy_face:


(Deux Vis) #372

I bought one from in November, but now that store seems in maintenance mode. No luck for you, sorry.


LoRaCHESS : The idea is to have 2 mobile LoRaCHESS ‘terminals’ that can play over the TTN network.

basically this > but without the wire :slight_smile:


expected friday afternoon … i’m very curious , this must be a magic stick :smiley: sold out

* nope… no post nl :cry:


interesting… looks like a LAIRD186 … they don’t talk about LoRaWAN


the new midi spec can control drones … So can we use that to in a LoRaWAN setting ?

MIDI HD Features (preliminary and not set in stone)

MIDI Capability Enquiry - Improved device awareness - what are you?
Protocol negotiation
Profile configuration
Parameter exchange
Note attached parameters
More channels, controllers
Higher resolution for controllers
Simplification of setting NRPN
Simplification Bank and program changes


cheap rotary encoders… aargh

so true


RAK’s ‘magic stick’ arrived

first impression :

pro - good quality build
cons - WTF … NO MOUNTING PLATE / MATERIAL :rage: (that explains the low price?)

left - 8 dBM RAK

right - 3 dBI A&C

so what’s the relation between dBM and dBI ? … when ordered I didn’t noticed


No product and no answer… FB… direct mail, they just don’t reply… bye bye iPrototype
Don’t trust their webpage when they say ‘in stock’

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Hi @BoRRoZ dbm is absolute RF power (referenced say to 0dm = 1mW) and is a power rating, dbi is a ratio and is a figure of merit = gain - typically expressed in a given direction and compared to omnidirectional transmission. The two often misused/confused. When spec’ing the ant should focus on the dbi value - e.g. +2.5dbi, +5dbi etc. unless you are nearing the operating limit of an antenna’s capability which in these kind of cases may well be a max power rating of say 10, 50 or 100W (note not mW) I would hope the RAK ant can handle more than 8dbM and this is likely their claim for gain?


tnx… but can you convert 8 dbM to dbI ?
so as I understand it now 8 DBM means nothing in antenna gain terms and RAK tricked me