The WORKBENCH part 1



(Allen) #606

No rasta hat? :smiley:


lol… no I asked them be they were sold out :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #608

He’s crocheting one as we speak! :slight_smile:

(Jeff Uk) #609

…or if he had a multi-colour 3D printer he could always…


lol… with dupont wires :sunglasses:


nothing better to do ? cold outside ? here… some of my favo eBay stores (I don’t get a percentage !)

(Duineuk) #612

I ordered one of these yesterday:

Maybe I can use some nixies on my next front panel display… :slight_smile:


if you like nixie tubes (who not) then you probably have seen this great vid


btw… if you have a lot of led’s in a project and need to reduce the current these are handy

US $1.79 incl. shipping

one jumper to switch off all system led’s for testing


what goes in must come out …theoretically :sunglasses:

(Duineuk) #616

My first “production” sensor node. Pro Mini and BMP280. Tomorrow I’ll look at designing and printing a case for it.


new toys :sunglasses:Microchip PICkit 4 … works with MPLAB® X IDE v4.15
coming from Farnell without account / shipping costs … through one of my favo dutch suppliers

Recovering The Things Gateway after erasing full serial flash
(Remko) #618

this one can program the things gateway?


yes… but let’s try it first, I let you know here :wink:

  • yes I see LED’s :sunglasses:

flashing bootloader


getting debug info

I’m thinking of hooking up a spare RPI3 to ‘parse’ this debug info :sunglasses:

(Remko) #620

Ok, so it is safe to order this one?



there is a nice feature build in… but not operational yet and that is (will be a firmware update) … you can plug in a micro sd card with the firmware you want to flash (think community help flashing GW’s)

Also the cable doesn’t come with it (made myself)

gateway is running now (tested with TTN node ) but I have to make a little uart cable to get some debug output

(Remko) #622

I ordered one the same way you did. I live in Holland :slight_smile:


ok… I know the guy / company behind it… 100% :sunglasses:

he is very active on Tweakers (MUX) and he orders from his Farnell account, but the goods ships direct to you… this one came from the UK within a few days by courier costing only his 2 E extra.
I do order this way when I need Farnell products because I don’t have a business account there (or anywhere :wink:)

(Remko) #624

I knew the initiative but have never ordered with him. There is always a first time.