The WORKBENCH part 1


I am trying to install this wroom board in the arduino IDE (1.8.5) using this tutorial
seems that the wroom32 = FireBeetle ESP 32 … anyway no luck.

what is the best or alternative way to install this wroom in arduino IDE ?

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Quite a few of the of the ESP32 boards use the WROOM 32 module.

The NodeMcu32s and Wemos Lolin32 do.

I followed the install instructions for the standard ESP32 library;

There are a lot of ESP32 boards supported by this library, 32, but I dont see a FireBeetle


my FireBeetle is blinking :sunglasses:

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How interesting.

The blink sketch on my NodeMcu32s, using the standard Expressif library consumes 136741 bytes (10%) of program storage space.

Yours uses 160192 bytes.

Why does it take well in excess of 128K bytes of flash to flash an LED, is it progress perhaps ?

I recall flashing (LEDs!) with a MK14, and that only had 256 bytes (yes bytes) of memory.


compressed to …

ready for my e paper displays now … tomorrow ?

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Yes, but the ‘compresed’ bit does not make sense, in the context of overall program size, otherwise you would assume the program size was reduced down to 122 bytes, which seems unlikley.

And look at the Writing addresses;

0x00010000 to 0x00024000, so the program did require circa 150000+ bytes to be written, which is about correct for the download speed and time.


yes the compiler output is definitely not optimised yet :sunglasses:

but I’m happy… I need a lot of free memory so… think i’ve got it

Build options changed, rebuilding all
Sketch uses 159049 bytes (12%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.
Global variables use 10968 bytes (3%) of dynamic memory, leaving 283944 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 294912 bytes.


Here is a STM32-based NUCLEO board that works with Arduino and platfomio as well as the online mbed compiler and cost less than £10 for 3 USART, 2 SPI, 128Kbyte Flash, 20Kbyte RAM


If you are looking for an alternative to the HOPERF boards, here is one I am using and can recommend from an Australian company - note that you will be charged customs duty in advance of receiving the package. I think the RF path is well-designed and like the screening can.




must be at least 10months ago the picture was taken or screen was set😂


ok … that’s no rocketscience … let’s try :sunglasses:


ah the TTN gateway updated itself… cool !


  • up and running now for more then 20 hours without problems… good job !

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Playing with my spare gateway…

… and

The new multi container feature is pretty cool, we can eventually go to one service per container as it should be…




still playing with e paper



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Yip Corona is a necessity… :stuck_out_tongue:


A nice article on increasing refresh rate of the waveshare display:


objective is to mount it on a RPI zero (gw) … after I understand :roll_eyes:

what about this … :heart_eyes: