The WORKBENCH part 1


not bad … normally I never win


Is module with: ESP8285 (ESP8266), 50 kB RAM, 1 MB Flash

I think I would prefer a TTGO Micro-32 - ESP32-Pico-D4 module instead:

Module with: ESP32 Pico, 2 cores, 520 kB RAM, 4 MB Flash


true more power in a little box.

but its something I want to try… receiving TTN MQTT over wifi in a little client… how… don’t know yet but we need small displays and wifi :sunglasses:


almost forgot this :crazy_face: … well the parts are coming in … ZzzzZZZzzzzz lowly.

little vacuumpump 5v (170 Ma)



IP65 Ethernet connector



balance / protection boards if you connect more then one li-ion battery

ps you don’t need them for nodes :wink:






Nice LCD , Could u tell me from where can I buy something like this ?



US $1.98 incl. shipping


Thx !


Don’t care If i don’t need them for nodes, it would be great for my Yaesu FT817 :slight_smile:

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Evaluating the Meetjestad node for TTN Community TTN-Apeldoorn.
Interesting design in both hard- and software. Still many questions about the design considerations.



what’s 'onboard ? 328p / rfm95w / 3v3 dc dc /bme 280 . just guessing :wink:

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yes, yes, yes, yes. GPS is not connected.


I think it’s an FPGA with 256M gates. :wink:
(Sensors to be added on the left.)


its an PE1duino … probably with CH2i lowpowuRrrrrrr


Your design considerations? :wink:

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No, not mine. From the man who designed it.


I was just kidding. :wink:

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I know :roll_eyes: