The WORKBENCH part 1

uhh NO… I didn’t receive the item, but that’s why I’m always confident buying through eBay… within a few days after reclamation they refund you. :sunglasses:





first solar charge 3 x 18650


  • update 1
    ok it charges / balances the 3 x lipo with a 19v solarpanel connected but… the output is not constant at 12v as I expected (no buck/boost on board) or not working.
    I’ve contacted the manufacturer :sunglasses:


  • update 2
    got a factory answer and indeed
    this product has no constant voltage out… So no buck/boost.
    its a 19v solar 18650 charger/balancer.
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cool !

replacement for the E5573 Mobile WiFi Wireless Hotspot arrived.
the B315s-22 wireless router.

now I can attach antenna’s and I don’t have to use wifi for the gateway connection.

it’s only a little bit bigger :sunglasses:

You might want to look at LTE devices from Mikrotik as well:

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well, I allready bought it (hence the pictures :wink:)

wifi spots can only communicate over wifi… most don’t have an ethernet port to direct connect your gateway.
so they always use max current

many of them have very limited dashboards settings.

just my 2 cents :roll_eyes:

* that last link is interesting

Looking at the projects you are working on, you might find this interesting as well:

typical sundaymorning :wink:

US $5.65 incl. shipping

:thinking: you could charge a supercapacitor that in turn powers a mini TTN node notifying water is used/running

hmmm… if you make a bigger system and mount that between the watersupply pipe in your house, you generate energy evertime you open a tap or go to the toilet :sunglasses: maybe enough to slowly charge a little lion battery …

cleaning my bookmarks I found this retired Sparkfun product Miniature Solar Cell - CPC1822

somebody wrote that it generates a few uA … now with current node consumption getting under 1 uA that maybe interesting again, maybe in combination with a super capacitor to build a lowcost selfpowered thing.

found this alternative :

if it works for a watch… why not for a node :wink:

  • instead of the time we need heartbeatrate / temperature / bloodpressure and oxygen level :sunglasses:

You could do with a few more adapters on that antenna connection :slight_smile:

yes I know :rofl:

but its the standard cable with BNC you get when buying the ‘conrad’ GP and RAK is using the ‘wrong’ connector on their adapterboard…

No reason why not;

If ‘Average consumption is now about 7uA’ you could send around 20 SF7 20 byte packets a day if you dumped the watch functions.

this is the watch schematic

I started ordering the BPW34’s :wink:

* and I can always use them for earrings :sunglasses:


tindie shop

I made a new pcb for the Sensebender to replace the NRF24L01 for a Lora RFRM95 module:


More info Sensebender-Lora

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finally found an affordable waterproof enclosure that fit’s all the components for the mobile gateway build (i’ll hope)

a few of these bad boys as power source

I will use 2 of these enclosures So that the powersource and 4g gateway electronics are separated.
Main use will be ‘field’ experiments and not a selfsustained solar gateway hence the separated
heavy ‘12v - 5v battery pack’… the two units ‘click’ together because inside are strong magnets.

DC-DC 5A Automatically Boost Buck Step Up Down

2S 20A 7.4V 8.4V Lithium Li-ion Charger Protection Board

I did’nt go for that one, but have some TPD laying around … somewere …



power consumption 3g TTN connected HUAWEI B315-22 4g router / wifi off


2A solar LT3652 lithium battery charger with MPPT and protection


father and son :sunglasses: (868 - 3G4G)