The WORKBENCH part 3

sure… boxes full, but not the right one :wink:
temp solution… no problem



of course you’re gonna test all the antennas in the house with your new toy :sunglasses:


Please tell me you haven’t got that ttn GW powered without an ant connected…after all the advise you & I dole out?! :scream:

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just a few minutes seconds :roll_eyes: Jeff

Just long enough for a couple of dozen join ack to be tx’ing then…so that’s ok :thinking: :rofl: am sure you will be ok… :man_shrugging:

Started testing periodic average power consumprion on the TTIG at weekend…its low power suggests good for repackaging as small scale Solar powered install.

USB power meter will not be greatest for accuracy but easy test and gives good order of magnitude for testing/comparing gateways. I obviously don’t see details or spikes in power but have noted that when ‘quiet’ the reading is approx 0.25/0.26A, occasionally peaking at around 0.31/0.32A or 0.35/0.36A suggesting when WiFi or LoRa Tx’ing?

Have 3 TTIGs collocated on bench for testing and another deployed at a local office for range tests…5th going to be registered later today.




that’s very low… would be a perfect base to build a mobile/4g gateway,
just add a dc-dc converter ( a solar to 5V ?) and a huawei E5573 MiFi Router :wink:


With different 3G/4G Wifi/cellular modem backhaul that’s basically what I have been using at a number of sites with Laird GW’s (previous lowest power average) or RAK831+RPi0W’s (Pilots use 3B/3B+ and therefore too high powered!). With the solar installs most of the Solar Controllers I have been using not only have 12V output but have 1 or 2 USB ports also - so fast/easy build and config! :slight_smile:

Once the TTIGs proven will be adapting a couple for external Ant’s and have already proven will fit nicely in some of my ‘Owl’s’ :wink:

Just crunching sample range test data and power consumption pictures taken over last couple of days and will post later to the TTIG thread…



bad idea to buy an empty solar power bank enclosure for an outdoor tracker.
not enough room inside and my guess : its NOT waterproof :sunglasses:



Air202 development board GSM/GPRS

howto store your solar power :open_mouth:

Mine seems running at about 0.13A with spikes at 0.4A… I will check again this afternoon.

Pure coincidence… I sticked that same antenna on a the metal enclosure from an HDMI switch and look,
So the groundplane is very important for the swr





Update to bench testing TTIG power consumption here


mSATA SSD Storage Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

bought this 120GB msata - read 520 MB/s, write 320 MB/s
NL shop


These mSATA to USB adapter boards for Raspberry Pi still require a USB cable for it’s IO interface (and power). Although the model shown above has a compact USB to USB (PCB) adapter, many of these solutions require an external USB to USB cable (and €50 is rather expensive for 120GB when compared to below solution).

A regular cheap(er) 2.5" SATA SSD 120GB with USB 2.0 to SATA adapter can be had for around €20 (240GB for around €30). Works just as well. Although you will need to find a solution for mounting the 2.5" SSD. (I have one taped onto a Raspberry Pi enclosure which hangs in the meter cupboard.)

For more compact single enclosure solutions the SSD PCB can be removed from its 2.5" drive enclosure (which will void warranty) and use a PCB-only USB to SATA adapter with a small USB cable.

Kingston A400 2,5" 120GB
Kingston A400 2,5" 240GB

USB 2.0 to SATA adapter

USB 2.0 to SATA adapter (PCB-only)


no, found it :wink:
but you’re right, it can be done cheaper of course but this HW is for a ‘special’ project

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With solution for mounting I had something different in mind than ‘putting it somewhere on a table’. :wink: