The WORKBENCH part 3

Sounds interesting.
We will probably get to see more of it later. :slightly_smiling_face:

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back to the ‘solar’ node … some code glue :sunglasses:


This seems to be a thread for ‘obscure’ bits of hardware.

Anyone know where I can get a development board (just the bare board) in the style of the photograph below;


Feed up with using dodgy breadboards for testing designs etc.

take my money too ! :sunglasses:

but for the moment I have every size FR-4 glass fiber proto board ’ in stock :wink:

You maniac…


One of these days there will be a LoRaWAN surplus hardware auction @ @BoRRoZ 's place



renting your test equipment :sunglasses:

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Just installed a 4G wireless router and a PoE injector on a back-plane for our newest gateway:



Newest? Kootwijk? Or even newer?

Even newer: Uddel. Installation is planned for June 17.

Seldom show off my work which is really a moderate soldering job to show off @Charles work in fact! Arduino hasn’t been stripped of LED’s or LDO’s nor has the code been optimised for low power but it needs to be robust, esily adjusted and tidy… result!

Something for my cousin to use for some testing. Hey, if it aint broken!


Mission accomplished…



This project is what brought me to TTN more than 18 months ago :wink:


… and you did it !! :partying_face::metal:

but what is it ?

  • LoRaWAN alarm when grass mowing is needed
  • LoRaWAN children hight measurement system
  • LoRaWAN can I stand stil, can I drive my car
  • LoRaWAN there’s my Wife alarm system

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looks great


This seriously looks great!

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One tip… put some silicone kit in the screwholes from the top of the enclosure.
These screws start rusting very quick :wink:


Ok, so I show off my rough lemon plant moisture sensor (+ temp & humidity, the latter not working well):



Answer to the mystery here:



Not an exact match but I ordered this one earlier this week

I did a search on Aliexpress and did not find much.

Thats better than most boards I ahve seen, thanks.

Having the PCB pads and holes for various connectors is a great help.

A major milestone achieved as the 1st of my TTN deployed gateways to handle 1,000,000 TTN messages did so overnight :joy::tada::sparkles::sparkles::fireworks::sparkler::+1:…had been watching for this event in recent days/weeks:

nearly there a couple of days ago:

some new nodes fired up in last 24/48 hrs accelerating incoming message rate and finally last night/early this morning:


The unit in question is an iMST RPi based ‘Lite’ GW image that was originally supplied by Heinz and the team for comparative tests and evaluation work late 2017 and initially targeted to a private LoRaWAN NS or an alternate LoRaWAN service provider and was switched over to TTN duties in Jan/Feb 2018 once I had signed up and had registered the original TTN Kickstarter gateway so that I could do comparative tests with various GW’s under eval.

The unit has proven to be very consistent & reliable over the last ~18months, being dragged around various test sites in the UK before settling into its current location in elevated position at my office/lab. The only problem seen during that time was a self inflicted uSD card corruption that occurred when the unit was being used for coverage tests with a District Council in the north of England March last year for one of my commissioning/consulting clients where I inadvertently let the USB power pack that was running it discharge in very cold weather and system stopped functioning without gracefully closing the GW. A quick re-flash and it has run happily ever since :slight_smile: Highly recommended if you are looking for a basic full 8 channel GW at a decent price point. I was about to buy 10 more last year myself when the RAK DIY units & later the Pilots launched at a better price point for similar spec (though using higher power consumption version of the RPi) - I really should revisit and add a couple more to my portfolio of GW’s :wink:

TestGW002 will hopefully be joined shortly in the Million Up Club by the TTN GW (TestGW001) which can only be days away from the same status :wink:


Both units are currently approx co-located (10-300m separation) along with a Laird RG186, a RAK Pilot, a couple of RPi based self builds, a Multitech MTCAP and more recently a Things Indoor GW for long term comparative eval.