The WORKBENCH part 3

Yeh! 2nd Member of my Million Up Club! :tada: :slight_smile:

My TTN Kickstarter GW crossed over during the night…the one that got me engaged with TTN in 1st instance…


A quick check of the others shows that whilst many are a few 10’sK or 100’,s K messages since deployment (Q118 through Q219) several are around or close to 1/2Mill with a few that are >>0.5M…amazing how the traffic mounts up! :slight_smile:

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Good morning @Jeff-UK, your reports prompted me to go off and check my original gateway, an RPi/ic880a up on the roof of my house, which is in the western 'burbs of Aberdeen, and isn’t a hotspot of LoRaWAN activity… errr… wrong!

More than 1.3m RX messages.

2 years ago this month when I installed the gateway it was silent except for me testing stuff. Now busy with all kinds of stuff.


My experience has been similar with many GW’s still quiet/low or intermittent traffic but a few have seen rapid ramping of msgs esp in last ~6 months - guess this shows building momentum :slight_smile:

The 2 Mu GW’s are in close proximity and now see ~95% similar traffic apart from early on when they roamed UK for various pop-up sites and tests/trials.

Interestingly if I look at my original community (Bourne End & Cookham aka mid Thames Valley & Chiltern Hills area aka South Bucks) the GW count has followed a similar path

Period - Base Line GW’s (Peak Count)

Q118 - 2 - (3)
Q218 - 4 - (6)
Q318 - 8 - (11)
Q418 - 15 - (19)
Q119 - 20 - (26)
Q219 - 25 - (32)

Though this also reflects expansion and slight re-centering of the target area to reflect actual GW deployments and user needs

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waiting for the sun to continue testing

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Two of mine landed this morning with the mail. Are you using the @Charles styled low power framework on this device? I guess it is similar to what we have built with Arduino Pro-mini and RFM95 on Charles’s PCB, possibility to remove LDO’s or LED’s? I am liking the broken out pins at a glance but have not even opened the static bags yet.

Any insights most welcome @BoRRoZ :sunglasses:


no, not yet :sunglasses: must try to flash his bootloader on this board.
problem is that the voltage can reach 4.2 volt during charging… need an LDO

now that I found a very small lib for that 64x48 oled everything ‘fits’ :sweat_smile:

will publish complete sketch later here

btw… they still getting cheaper ?


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x1422 x1423
4.2A Dual USB Charger LED Voltmeter With Switch Adapter Panel for Car Boat Truck
BoRRoZ portable mini LoRaWAN connected emergency Solar Battery Box with 220v pure sine & 2 x 5V out

I sourced some TP5000 based charger modules which are compatible with 6Vdc solar modules and are configurable for LiFeSO4. My plan was to run some devices directly from the LiFeP04 with no regulator. Even when at peak voltage these should be below 3.9Vdc which I seem to recall being the absolute max for the RFM95?

In this case it would be possible to use this without the regulator and all LED’s for single digit uA type sleep current. I have had over 14months on a single 18650 cell (LiFeS04) without the voltage changing +/- 0.1v .

Jasper Sikken has some nice solar harvesting gear on Tindie, I can see myself diverting some €€€ towards Jasper!


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this board is fitted with an 14500 battery holder and these give 3.2 V , indeed NO LDO needed, So you can remove it, but…
The idea is to build this node in that solar / pir outdoor light unit, and use the components available, and that is a 3.7 v battery that, in full Sun, is charged with 4.2 v hence to much for the node.


I wonder , can you burn a bootloader through the ICSP pins with rfm95 attached on the board ? :roll_eyes:

update - use pull up resistor when burning bootloader

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Yes you can! I use mini core

tnx… that’s not the @charles bootloader ? or am I mistaken :zipper_mouth_face:

No, this one: But they seems all derived from each onther with modifications.

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now build something like this… a pogo lever fixture thing :sweat:


This is mine (familiar?) The cable is used to connect to other ISP boards. Inside is a Arduino pro micro programmed as “Arduino as ISP”


yep… that’s the tool I want to build too !

found this usefull part $1.80 incl shipping

You can if the designer of the board put the required external pull up resistor on the RFM95 NSS pin. Without the pullup the NSS pin will be floating during programming so the RFM95 can activate the MISO pin and interfere with ISP programming.

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I don’t see that resistor :scream:

ISP programming might work sometimes and sometimes not.

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I would add that I have had to add the resistor (temporary) to the top of the RFM98, on one board design (not mine) in order to re-program the Arduino bootloader with an ISP.