The WORKBENCH part 3

Ah still young! :slight_smile: Personally never got to play with COBOL but took a quick look whilst @ Uni… there we used FORTRAN (74?/78?) on mainframe - the kids don’t believe me but am sure I still have a stack of 80 column punch cards for a ‘lunar lander’ game stored in the loft! Oh dear now I’m feeling old too :frowning: :rofl:

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yes… what are 80 column punch cards ? :wink:

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About a month ago I bought a set of walky talky as a present for a friends birthday and because he’s about to start a long journey with their camper.
Problem was, they were to complicated to operate for him , so I’ve sold them and
bought some new Chinese UHF 16 channel , very basic, only on/off and 1 to 16 knobs :smirk:

I was curieus, So before giving them I programmed the channels and tested
the antenna ( :upside_down_face: )

:astonished::scream: I’m not a ‘HAM’ but this doesn’t look very good

Just a little older than 12 inch floppy discs.

BTW, Dropping a deck of punch cards is not much different to a hard drive failure and not having a backup.





I’m thinking ’ can this watch lora extension board ’ be (mis) used as a TTN tracker ?

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Otherwise known as a floor sort! :slight_smile:
Thats what sequence#'s and perhaps the 1st 6 columns were for, right!


From the days when ‘software security’ was a reference to how many & how strong are the elastic bands?!!! :rofl:

Only one way to find out?!..

NOPE … I won’t do it… my desk is full and I expect new Dragino chips friday :wink:

Oh go on… you know you want to…afterall it is on 18% discount for a few days!!!
And besides by the time it arrives you will have finished with the Dragino look sees - (7-20 days?)

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problem is… only 24 H in a day and I have to RTFM a lot at the moment :sunglasses:


Dutch POST NL… anyone of you have the same experience ?

case :

I buy a product (low value, 20 U$, So no duty / taxes) in China @ BANGGOOD on 19-8
Shop sends the product :

2019-09-10 21:30, The item cannot be delivered and will be returned
2019-09-10 04:43, The item is at the local sorting centre
2019-09-10 01:13, The item is on transport to the local sorting centre
2019-09-09 11:48, The item is unclaimed and will be returned to sender

2019-08-26 13:13, The item could not be delivered and addressee is notified to pickup the item
2019-08-26 13:10, The item could not be delivered and addressee is notified to pickup the item

2019-08-26 09:15, The item is being held, addressee being notified

2019-08-26 08:53, The item is at the local sorting centre
2019-08-24 18:54, The item is at the local sorting centre

2019-08-24 14:13, The item could not be delivered and addressee is notified to pickup the item

2019-08-24 13:56, The item has been delivered successfully

2019-08-24 09:27, The item is at the local sorting centre
2019-08-24 09:08, The item is at the local sorting centre

2019-08-23 13:01, The item has been processed in the country of destination
2019-08-21 20:31, The item is in transit
2019-08-19 03:18, The item is pre-advised

POST NL claims that they have been @ my house 26-8 - 2x within 3 minutes ?
No notification / mail / telephone… nothing , So I didn’t know this (its a lie anyway).

Yesterday I checked progress of my China orders and discover that this product is ‘returned’ to China.
I contacted BANGGOOD and of course they say check with POST NL

So today I’ve contacted POST NL through their FB account with all the details and the question, ’ WHY and WHERE is my package ? ’

and the answer is… ’ we will speak with the manager of the delivery guy … you must contact the China shop and byebye ’ , So , if this shop now say they never received the return shipment I’ve lost my money ??
And will they send it again , if they receive it , at no cost ?

Anyone else have similair experiences with DUTCH POST NL ?

Wow, I’ve seen that book before - looong ago. :grin:

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Yes unfortunately I have had similar experiences with PostNL as well.

To sum it up, things now and then go very wrong at PostNL. I have had several different bad experiences

The worst is when their customer service consistently lies about the situations (provable) and never responds to multiple complaints, while making your package lost in NL and not providing you any proof you not received it / they made it lost (in the end they say ‘returned to sender’ = not and will not provide any proof).

Money lost indeed.
They are AliExpress monopolist.

indeed… just now

translation ’ we tell you we shipped it back but we don’t provide prove of that… greetings’
That’s a big hole in their security, some people can steal whatever they want

As you will probably know, every package gets scanned and registered on entrance by PostNL. What happens afterwards if package is then not delivered one can only guess.

Too often a package for an AliExpress order was reported back to AliExpress by PostNL as delivered while it was not delivered to me.
Sometimes such packages were then delivered days later, and sometimes not delivered at all.

“Hey AliExpress, PostNL reported to you it delivered package but it was not delivered to me”.
Yes sure, of course…
Please contact PostNL (and show us some proof).

Luckily most packages do arrive.

true… and I buy a lot (almost all) in China, from the main 3 or 4 suppliers.
So I see POST NL delivery 4 / 5 times a week, but sometimes (still don’t know why) the package is not delivered by the same driver.

What I did in this case is contacted Banggood again, told them the whole story incl. screencaps and see what will happen now, from their side they provide normally good service.

I’m also happy with the eBay service, never had an unsolved problem, but I started buying more from Ali / Banggood lately because of pricelevel.

When ordering from AliExpress cheap packages are delivered via cheap postal services and are delivered as standard mail.

Others e.g. using ‘AliExpress Standard Shipping’ are usually delivered within 15 days and are delivered by parcel service (‘pakket’) even when it’s just a small envelope.

This way it’s possible that PostNL delivers orders from AliExpress twice per day.
Regular mail by bike, parcel service by car.