Tilburg, The Netherlands


I know there are communities in the Eindhoven, Breda and 's Hertogenbosch areas, and now I’ve got my own Gateway in Goirle and see another gateway in Tilburg, maybe it’s time to have our own community!

Personally, I’m interested to see what LoRaWAN can do, and especially like the open source/DIY/hacker kind of attitude. But while I have no commercial interest currently, I would love to see actual uses and use cases being developed.

So my first step towards a Tilburg TTN community is to post here. Anyone interested to join and create an official TTN community?


There is a kick-off meeting planned for this area :

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Hi Marco,

I just got my Things Gateway up and running in de Reeshof, let’s see what we can do!

I need to think about a permanent fixture for the gateway, and do some cycling around to check the range (and add some data to the TTNmap while I am at it :wink: ).

Anyway, I say let’s get a Tilburg TTN community started :+1:

It is shame that I did not participate this meeting. I just sow it.

Is there any follow up meetings?

Greetings from Udenhout

FYI, the meetups are active (https://www.meetup.com/Tilburg-Oisterwijk-IOT-LoRa-Action-Meetup/) In fact, there are now gateways at two tall buildings in Tilburg and the ttnmapper heatmap is filling up. The gateways haven’t been properly registered yet so their location is not visible on the map. The community is also gathering ideas for using LoRaWAN in Tilburg and looking at organising workshops to create nodes, similar to what the meetjestad.net initiative are doing in Amersfoort.

On which buildings have the gateways been deployed? Their range is tremendous indeed!

It’s Westpoint (47-story high residential building) and Interpolis (office tower), see https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/tilburg/post/we-zijn-in-de-lucht

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Just read it. Great start of this community, congratulations!

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Mede dankzij de medewerking van Facilitair beheer Achmea/Interpolis, inzet van Wireless Networks ter beschikking stellen en installeren van 3 Gateways, gemeente Tilburg, FabLab/Bibliotheek Kennismakerij en inmiddels de inzet van de fanatieke vrijwillge kennisdragers uit de Meetupgroup https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/Tilburg-Oisterwijk-IOT-LoRa-Action-Meetup/ zijn we in de lucht. Dus na volgens mij 2 jr na eerste oproepen en pogingen is Tilburg LoRa dekkend met hier en daar mss nog een paar schaduwplekjes… Maar we kunnen nu leuke nuttige zinvolle en onzinnige LoRa applicaties bedenken en uitvoeren via het Vrije en open TTN LoRa netwerk. De meetupgroep is een kennisgroep met professionals en hobbyisten die die onafhankelijk van bedrijven en of organisaties vanuit persoonlijke interesse zich inzetten bezighouden met LoRa toepassingen en kennis willen delen , als het kan op gezellige meetups natuurlijk. T zou leuk zijn als we de regelmaat van minimaal 1 bijeenkomst per maand kunnen vasthouden!

De volgende is mogelijk 3e week van November…maar moet nog even definitief worden.
LEts go for it!

Mvg Rene van der Weerd - (ont-)regelaar
https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/Tilburg-Oisterwijk-IOT-LoRa-Action-Meetup/ en meetup.com/nl-NL/LoRa-Network-in-Apeldoorn-Growing-Meetup /
Permanent Future Lab Utrecht Overvecht https://www.facebook.com/groups/850790711718411/ EmpowerNow

Unfortunately, I still don’t see the gateways on ttnmapper.org. Any idea if this is intentional? It would help mapping coverage if the GPS locations were known.

I understand from @NaanEldering that it is not intentional. First thing to check is the location settings on https://console.thethingsnetwork.org for the gateways. @LoRaPeldoorn, who manages these gateways?

About the coverage, with the new ‘meetjestad’ nodes in various places you can see that coverage in for instance de Reeshof is patchy at best. Only about 25% of the messages from the nodes that depend on the central gateways are received (based on the fact that the meetjestad nodes send data every 15 minutes).

From the nodes in my garden (closer to the center) only ~2 to 4% of the transmissions are received (by eui-aa555a0000088164 and eui-aa555a0000088184). My house is behind a ‘green area’ with trees which are excellent attentuators.

All in all some more gateways are required for proper coverage. An additional location for de Reeshof is being looked at.

For people interested in the bat monitoring initiative in Tilburg, there is a public bat excursion tomorrow eventing (saturday 18th of may 2019) organised by the KNNV: https://www.knnv.nl/sites/www.knnv.nl/files/Excursie%2018%20mei%20Kaaistoep.pdf

Hi, thanks for the reply

Naan Eldering is the owner of the gateways for TTN, we’ve already tried repositioning them in the TTN (web) console but it doesn’t work yet. So it’s definitely not intentional. You can even get the location data from TTN as well as see that “location_public” is “true”. They are Kerlink gateways, and I believe they also have built-in GPS. Not sure if that has anything to do with them not showing up.

It would be nice to have a high point in the Reeshof area to deploy a gateway. The ‘Blaak’ area and Goirle could use more coverage as well (I have a limited reach gw myself in Goirle). My Meetjestad node has no problem at all, besides my own gateway it will usually pick up two or three Tilburg gateways and sometimes even one located near Eindhoven Airport! But it’s relatively high up, at around 10m from the ground. There was another Meetjestad node in Goirle which was not seen every 15 minutes, and couldn’t reach my gateway (line-of-sight just blocked by the building I live in).

Nice to see the bat monitoring project is alive, unfortunately I don’t think I can make it tomorrow evening.


i’m new on ttn community.

I have today added a LoRaWan gateway and it seems to work.
So Tilburg Noord has a new gateway!