TTIG AU915 support

Hi @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 please don´t forget my TTIG!

@Wellscom_Lora_Demo_E: Done :white_check_mark:

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Me too, please, TTIG AU915


Is posting here still the recommended way to get a TTIG AU915 configured or is there anything I can do myself to make this work?

I’ve been sitting with this long awaited device beside me on the desk but without any successful connections yet.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.

Posting here should work. There is no UI for selfservice yet and there probably won’t be one for the community network version 2.

Thanks for the response, @kersing

I will leave the posting above for @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2
Hopefully he will spot it.

I’m just oustide range of the local council gateway and am so keen to get my indoor gateway up so I can get working with some sensors at home.


@tmugan. This is done. I was off the last 10 days.


Excellent, thanks @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2.

All looking good now. Seeing traffic through TTIG AU915 gateway on the Australian console

Could you please add this one too? eui-58a0cbfffe802dc1
thank you

@blindber: This seems to be an EU868 gateway.

That’s very odd, it was purchased as an AU915, attached is an image of its label. Is it possible to reflash it with AU915 firmware?

Maybe check the EUI you typed in to the forum is the same as the one that’s on the device …

I’m sure Nick meant on the Console GW registration vs Forum - that looks ok. IF BY CHANCE the registration was typed in incorrectly DO NOT DELETE IT! :wink: Instead register a new GW with correct details. If in the future someone were to then get a GW with your incorrect details they will not be able to register it as it would have been deleted in the system. Better they discover your incorrect registration attempt (after some frustration and many attempts no doubt!) and can then contact you to ask you to add them as collaborator then transfer owner ship them (you may be able to jump straight to transfer but IMHO setting collaboration first allows for correct person/migration check before the full move and possible loss of ownership by anyone;-) )

@blindber: This could be a mixup with the data sent to me by the manufacturer. Based on your screenshot, that looks like a 915 gateway. I’ll check with the manufacturer and get back to you.

I mean’t the EUI that was typed in to the forum - the label shows it should be an AU TTIG, so if the EUI appears to be configured for the EU, either it was mistyped or, as Krishna says, its a manufacturing glitch.

If I power cycle the unit it shows up in the console as connected, then the Last Seen just starts counting up. Until eventually the Status changes to not connected.

Details from the units web page if it helps

Gateway EUI58-A0-CB-FF-FE-80-2D-C1
WiFi AP MAC58:A0:CB:80:2D:C1
WiFi AP Passxxxxxx
WiFi STA MACCC:50:E3:20:53:BC
Serial NumberTBMH100915003242
MFG date2020-01-04 04:08:31
FW Build2018-12-06 09:30:37
FW Version2.0.0
Core Version2.0.0(minihub/debug)

That is expected behavior for a gateway that does not receive any packets.

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 any luck with the manufacturer?

Could you please add this one too? eui-58a0cbfffe802cbb


Can you please add mine too?, TTIG AU915

Thanks so much.