TTIG does not connect to TTN

Thank you for your reply,
I had first tried a connection on the V 2, and then I deleted the gateway. I read in the forum that we did not know how to reconnect a gateway once deleted. So I bought a new TBMH100 gateway, and I registered it on the V3, but on the console, it indicates disconnected and impossible to connect (it is indeed on my internal network).
(configuration see link in appendix)
can you still help me?
thank you in advance

As you can read in several posts on the forum the TTIG cannot be used with V3 at this moment.
That will be possible somewhere later this year. So the TTIG can be used with V3 later but not at this moment. (You can register it in the V3 console but it will not receive any traffic).

You can however register your new TTIG on V2 and then move it to V3 later this year when that is supported. Any traffic arriving on V2 gateways will also be routed to V3, so you can use V3 nodes with a V2 gateway.

Is your ‘old’ gateway also a TTIG but you deleted it on V2? It shall be possible to use that TTIG on V3 later this year when it is supported.

Tip: Do NOT delete your gateways, not on V2 but also not on V3. Your new TTIG can be registered both on V3 and V2 and currently it will work with V2 only.

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thank you for your reply
The situation is not very clear, because on the V2, there are large yellow bands which indicate that the gateways must be registered on the V3.
I will try to register the gateway on V2
Thangs for all

Yes, you are correct, that can be confusing. For TTIG use on V3 is currently not yet possible however.

Could you help me to register the gateway on V2, because I must miss a step, because I can’t.
Gateway type TBMH 100, registered on the internal network
On the V2 platform, how do you encode the EUI and the gateway parameters?
It cannot be connected to

thank you in advance

Please search the forum for TTIG topics about how to setup your TTIG.

E.g. The Things Indoor Gateway - TTIG part 1

My gateway is registered on V2 and V3. the lamp is solid green, indicating that it is connected to TTN, but I do not see any traffic.
Can anyone see my gateway on the network ???
thank you in advance
Marc from Belgium

Again, please search the forum for information. These questions have already been asked and answered many times.

please understand us too, when we read that, “Not seen gateway status on ttn - The Things Network”, how do you want us to find our way
V2? V3 ?, works? , does not work ?
registered, but status not visible.
I read lots of topics that go in all directions

For V3 the console is reliable but that currently won’t help for TTIG.
For V2 the console unfortunately is not reliable (and won’t get fixed). This can be annoying.

The only thing that is reliable for V2 is to ‘grab the data’ from your application via one of the avalable integrations or via MQTT.

For instance you can use a Mosquitto MQTT client on your computer and subscribe to MQTT topics/messages of your TTN application. That way you can see if data is arriving in your application or not and you should be able to check by which gataways a message was received.

There possibly are easier ways. Maybe others have some better suggestion.

There is a free conference on May 28 where the V2 to V3 migration will be an important topic. Hopefully more details about when TTIG’s can be connected/migrated to V3 will be provided during the conference (see the pinned conference topic for more information).

The v2 console for gateway traffic is generally OK but the gateway status is definitely not to be relied on - if you need to check if your gateway is online, look for traffic!


I don’t have any traffic, and I don’t know what to do to get one
see screenshot with the gateway configuration views
all the tutorials for configuring the TBMH100 gateway are intended for V3 and not for V2, so I don’t see how I should do it
thanks for you hepl

First, let’s not share all your scans via DropBox to the world

Drag & drop an image if it’s an image, if it’s text, please copy & paste.

You will need to use the TTIG v2 docs to set it up on v2.

The ONLY place you will see traffic will be on the v2 gateway traffic tab.

Just leave v3 out of your mind for now.

Just build a “canary” that transmitts some infomation in regular intervals. I use a Dragino LHT65 in TTN V3 for this.

I have the same problem. Green solid led, but console shows disconnected…

Search the forum or even, maybe just maybe, read the related topic you found before adding to it for the answers.

And do not double post.


I bought a TTIG 868 gateway. I followed the procedure for connecting to my wifi network, but for 2 hours, the LED is slowly blinking Green / Red. I thought about updating the firmware, but 2h maybe too much isn’t it?

Thank you for your help.

Having connected to your local network have you then registered it in the V3 TTN? Console → Gateways → Claim Gateway (note NOT Add Gateway) - code needed is the WiFi code…

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I have not yet connected my gateway to TTN, I thought that I had to first have the green LED (fixed) before doing the necessary on TTN V3 …