TTIG firmware update > 2.0.0

This thread from June 2020 invited people to apply for a new an improved (beta firmware for the TTIG:

I tried to apply, but didn’t receive a reply, my TTIG didn’t get updated, still showing Firmware 2.0.0
The thread was closed.

It’s now 5 months later, I can imagine that the beta program has reached a conclusion.
Are there any updates on this?

Hey Bertrik,

The conclusion is that the beta firmware is stable and that we’ll start rolling this out en masse sometime soon.

The newer firmware is meant for future compatibility, new features. Your current firmware works fine for all LoRaWAN related tasks.

If you still want a beta update, send me your EUI and I can trigger an update.



I have a TTIG that seems to periodically lose connection. The green led will blink fast, then it will eventually reconnect. My Internet connection is stable. Will the firmware update help with this? Would it be possible to get the update to try out? I can post my EUI.


Mine runs the 2.0.4 update since a little over a week and has been running stable. I haven’t noticed any problems (it ran stable before on 2.0.0).

Sorry for the stupid question.
Where do you see, which FW the TTIG is running?

Its shown on the config page of the TTIG

Or shown on the noc summary for the device e.g. this TTIG - change EUI to match your device

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Thank you very much!
Both yours and mine are on 2.0.0. I was under the impression, that 2.0.4 or so was already rolled out many weeks ago.
Anyhow, maybe it takes a few days till my freshly installed unit gets noticed.
2. Should I worry, that the noc-link shows empty fields for location & gps?
Anyway, it works and this is the most important thing to know!

Did you set a location in the GW Settings TAB on V2 console? Also if you chek the make details public etc under privacy TAB it should then appear on the TTN Map letting other users know there is potential coverage available…?

Do you know if there is something particular to do to trigger the install of this FW update ? Our TTIG was online for 2 weeks straight with the following update parameters in the TTN console, and not much happened. I’d like to try it to see if this could help in solving some join issues we’ve been having.

What is current FW version and what is GW EUI?

“minihub - Firmware 2.0.0 - Protocol 2” according to NOC ; sending you the EUI in PM

Perhaps @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 can advise on getting/triggering the minor update from 2.0.0 to 2.0.4?

There seem to be many TTIGs on the former.

But key point from his Oct post is
The newer firmware is meant for future compatibility, new features. Your current firmware works fine for all LoRaWAN related tasks.**

Useful, but won’t influence the sensors deciding to re-join.

Well noted, thanks for the update !

Yeah indeed. We did roll out updates which we paused for a while. This will resume in the coming weeks. And indeed as mentioned, this update does not influence LoRaWAN functions of the TTIG. Version 2.0.0 already supports all of that.
Please check my post here; Rollout of Basic Station 2.0.4 for TTIGs


Hello, i have same gateway but with unknown\custom firmware, maybe someone knows how to flash it with normal firmware ant make it usable on ttn? i have serial connection to gateway but i cant connect it to wifi because original wifi password doesn’t work.

What happens after a full factory reset? WiFi still unusable? What info are you getting from serial port? How do you know it is unknown\custom firmware? Who programmed it with such? …what is the provenance of the device (where sourced?)

As i understand full factory reset should be done by pressing reset button, if yes then it doesn’t help. i can see wifi network but i can’t connect to it, it says wrong password. these gateways are new , i guess they were dedicated to specific network server but never used and never will be.

From serial port i’m getting :

ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:1, boot mode:(3,7)

load 0x40100000, len 2592, room 16
tail 0
chksum 0xf3
load 0x3ffe8000, len 764, room 8
tail 4
chksum 0x92
load 0x3ffe82fc, len 676, room 4
tail 0
chksum 0x22
csum 0x22

2nd boot version : 1.7(5d6f877)
SPI Speed : 40MHz
SPI Flash Size & Map: 32Mbit(1024KB+1024KB)
jump to run user1 @ 1000
and after this line only trash comes from it. that why i think firmware is not stock , it might be corrupted but according led device starts and jumps into wifi configuration mode.

You will need to change the baud rate to 11500 baud in order to be able to see the data sent afterwards (which is showing up as trash).
Which baud rate did you use?

What is the latest firmware version for the TTIG? Am I up to date with version 2.0.4?

  "data": {
    "@type": "",
    "time": "2023-05-24T13:48:53.578734660Z",
    "versions": {
      "firmware": "2.0.4",
      "package": "2.0.4",
      "platform": "minihub - Firmware 2.0.4 - Protocol 2",
      "station": "2.0.4(minihub/debug)"
    "advanced": {
      "features": "rmtsh",
      "model": "minihub"