TTN Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

:100: We’re thrilled to introduce the Brandenburg TTN community!

:money_with_wings: We just won a sponsor to establish a powerful TTN infrastructure in the area!

:earth_africa: Now we need the community to take part and contribute! All you (software) engineers, designers, networkers, and citizen scientists, join our community:

Promise: When we’ve reached the necessary 8 community members, we’ll conduct a public kick-off webinar!


Welcome to The Things Network!


Hello Brandenburg;
welcome to the TTN-community. Build up gateways and have fun!
Best wishes from DE-Cologne

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How wonderful! Have fun building it up!

…there are a lot of boats around Brandenburg. Nice.

Just saying… :wink:

Feel free to stay in touch with me and / or the Munich community.

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@the-lord-of-the-thin also a welcome from my side :wave: Let us meet to bring the TTN to the whole city :slight_smile: I am also from Brandenburg

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Hey Henry! Great to have you on board! With you, we’re ready for our launch event. Expect an invitation soon!

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“Soon” is now!
Feel free to join and share with others: