TTN Console shows uplink traffic in gateway, but no data in application

I’ve had two issues so far with OTAA and getting data to show up in my application. There’s a few threads on here, but I don’t see many good documentations steps to try to figure out why data isn’t showing up on TTN… anyone interested in 1) helping me out with my particular issue and 2) contributing to a troubleshooting guide to make this process go smoother? it seems most of the troubleshooting threads on here are unresolved and the issue just magically fixes itself (with no change on the users end)

My am trying to get my STM32 board to send data to TTN.

Here’s my example sketch (need to set subband to 2 to configure for ttn)… it uses CayenneLPP fyi…

Here’s what I did

  1. create a new app in ttn
  2. add a new device to this new app
  3. copy otaa keys to sketch (appEui, appKey, devEui), compile and run sketch
  4. Watch ttn gateway log console and ttn app/device console for traffic
  5. See device traffic on gateway for the join
  6. see device traffic on app/device for join
  7. see device traffic on gateway to send payload data (no errors on gateway console)
  8. see NO device traffic on app/device console for payload data (Frames up is not increasing above 0). I’ve tried disabling Counter Checks and no difference.

I’ve also tried deleting and creating a new application as well.

Any help is appreciated!

If OTAA is the preferred route to use on here then why is it to hard to troubleshoot?

I don’t see any dragino question in here.
I don’t see any code you wrote or use for your stm32 board

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ok wrong category… I was posting about dragino earlier and it opened up a draft message… my fault…

what code do you need? data is going to TTN Gateway, but not to application, seems like a TTN issue? all of the code is posted in GitHub… here’s the demo sketch I used (I did set subband=2)

Here’s the screenshot from the Gateway showing the node registering with OTAA I believe

Here’s the log data from the application console (with no payload message showing up

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So, there’s no OTAA problem.

What payload format did you set for the application? If you have the Cayenne integration enabled, then you might need to select “Cayenne LPP” for the payload format as well.

What’s the exact full packet you see at the gateway? MAC commands such as a DeviceTimeReq might cause display issues; see Cannot see data in device dashboard, while OTAA works and uplinks show in gateway’s traffic.

Here’s my payload snapshot


Unfortunately, an online decoder shows that this looks just just fine. (It’s just a LoRaWAN header for an unconfirmed uplink, the actual application payload, and the MIC. No MAC commands that could be troublesome.)

TTN should really not care about the application payload. You could copy the secret NwkSKey (and AppSKey) session keys from the device in TTN Console into that online decoder, to verify that the MIC is okay. (But bugs in your LoRaWAN stack aside, the MIC really should be valid, as the successful OTAA proves the keys are okay.) And check that there are no errors in the Trace part when clicking the uplink in the gateway’s Traffic page TTN Console. (Unfortunately, an invalid MIC is silently ignored.)

Did you already configure the Cayenne integration? Maybe remove that for a quick test?

Is the DevEUI really unique (not some easy to read value you created yourself)?

Is the application also registered to a handler in the us-west region, like your gateway is?

And any chance you can use an MQTT client (or ttnctl subscribe) to see if it the data is available even when it’s not shown in TTN Console?

Same exact thing happened to me my application use to work fine ,now i get connection with my mdot but nothing appears on the TTN application page. any help

Then the same suggestions to debug the problem apply. So, what’s your response to the suggestions in my previous post?

What i did ,i troubleshooted today i thought maybe my mdot is not working ,so i updated the firmware i created a new application ,used teraterm to send AT+Send still nothing ,then i used my new xdot first time and the same problem happened , i suspected maybe the packet forwarder ,but the strange thing is when i used the mdotbox i could see payloads. so tomorrow ill try to change the handler because i live in USA but this handler use to work fine ill just change it and see thank you

So, which handler and router are you using now?

my gateway is multitech conduit configured as to forward packets to ttn and i use to use ttn-eu handler my application worked fine for 3 months now ,today after i returned from break ,i powered up i got nothing

Hi Youssef,

Is this you ? :sunglasses:



yes it is thank you . i didnt see it ,was it out this week

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i changed the handler today from eu to west US and it worked .Thank you nothing was wrong. i dont know why it stopped working because it use to be working fine

I changed my handler as well from eu to west US … also re added the device. working now…

Thanks for all your help!

For future visitors, @youssefbaiji and @everhamme:

Are your handler (for the application) and the router (for the gateway) in the same region now? So, is the gateway using ttn-router-us-west or ttn-router-eu, now that you’ve changed the application to use ttn-handler-us-west?

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