TTN GATEWAY central 2

(Grahame Horner) #193

It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at this forum and the progress with the stability of the bootloader/firmware, as I’m still seeing issues getting reported I thoughts I’d doma quick post to let people know that I opted to purchase and install recommend software written especially for this hardware, and have the pleasure is saying that these guys have made the whole experience easy and everything works without issue.

Note: added bonus that the hardware is cheaper the app TTN, I’m now doing range tests :love_you_gesture:

(Guru) #194

Happy news! We finally made time to dig out the PICKit 3 and do a proper flash of the gateway firmware rather than just the SD/OTA update. IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING! :smiley:

No more reboot loops. No more LoRa UART Timeouts. 4 lights steady.

Thanks to the team! We have a ballgame :smiley:


(Thibautde Sany) #195


Can one of you help to update my ttn gateway?
After a while the gateway stops sending/receiving messages and I hope a new version of the firmware could fix this.

What tools do I need for this?
Would someone have a procedure for it?




give it a few days!! :frowning:

(Davidver) #197

Same here - for people in the ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) region. Pickit3 available and ready to assist people in updating their TTN gateway bootloader, although personally I would suggest waiting until we get some stable firmware released.

(Hylke Visser) #198

Good to hear that your gateway is working now, @guru. However, don’t get your hopes up too much. There are still some known issues that need to be fixed by the @TTP team before we can call the gateway firmware stable. I agree with @davidver that it’s probably better to wait with flashing gateways until there is a proven stable firmware version.

(Guru) #199

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
At least we’ve got a nice testing platform so we can better stock and test our LoRa(WAN) range at :slight_smile:

(Sandeep) #200

The problem why I erased full serial flash is still continuous.

The gateway activates and deactivates automatically with out any prior notification. so we did RESET many times and we erased serial flash.

Now the same problem, again the gateway deactivated. Now we are not going to do RESET again.

First LED is on.
Second LED is blinking or trying to connect gateway.
Third LED is ON.
Forth LED is ON.

But gateway is not working.

(Richie B) #201

I just took delivery of my gateway today. After setting it up it went into the infamous boot loop. I can’t believe this issue (and solution) was not in the FAQ yet!

It took me several hours to read this (and previous) thread until finally the solution emerged: upgrade the firmware using an SD card. I tried stable (v1.0.2-475aef56) first: the bootloop remained. Then the beta (v1.0.3-2c56ce09) which seemed to work, but the firmware was then downgraded to stable over the internet. So I disabled automatic update in the console and flashed the develop (v1.0.3-fd0901ae) version. The gateway seems to be stable now!

(Dellekom) #202

Hello - I am still having loss of connection to the Things router with my beta firmware

Hardware: v1
Bootloader: r1-7167873a (2017-06-02T13:48:18Z)
Firmware: v1.0.3-2c56ce09 (2018-03-22T12:20:52Z)

It has gotten subjectively better in the last 2 weeks, I still have to reboot the gateway every some days. Is this issue known and addressed?

Inside my house I do nt lose the connection to the gateway, am still able to see the web frontend. Externally, I am having a static IP. My router runs the outward connection for weeks uninterrupted

It looks to me as there is no instance surveilling the connection to the router and if dropped, re-establishes it automatically. ideally reports and / or shows the circumstances automatically so the product can be improved or diagnosis might be easier. Could this be the case?

(Vpinon) #203

Same error here.

Have you been able to solve it?

(Dangarlen) #204

No progress. I’ve pretty much given up. I still get this error

(Dutchmcgyver) #205

Hi, my TTN gateway is functioning perfectly but seems to have suddenly gone quite deaf… Tested side by side with an IC880A - based gateway (using the same pigtail & antenna) and the difference is very noticeable. Messages from the same node are received by the IC880A with RSSI -65, but the TTN gateway reports -118 (!).
Does this sound familiar to anyone? It seems that the receiver is broken. Is there any way to get a replacement if this turns out to be the case? A reboot did not fix this issue btw.