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After testing version 1.0.3 of the gateway firmware on the gateways that have beta updates enabled, we are now moving it to stable branch. This update makes the communication with the LoRa module more stable and fixes some (but not all) of the “reboot loop” issues. If you have automatic updates enabled, your gateway will be updated within 24 hours. If you want the update now, all you have to do is unplug the gateway and plug it in again. You can also update the firmware by SD card, see here for instructions and download links.

With beta testers we will soon start testing a fix to prevent the gateway from immediately going into AP mode if the WiFi connection is temporarily unavailable. This will reduce the downtime of the gateway when it loses network connection for a short time. We invite people to help us test by subscribing their gateway to beta updates and by participating in the discussions on Github.

Thanks again for all the members who have been helping us out by testing, submitting logs and troubleshooting their gateways. Our team is working hard on fixing all remaining issues, and we really appreciate your help and patience. As always, we will keep you updated with the progress in this forum thread.

The Things Products Team

(Remko) #175

Sorry to say but the 1.0.3 version made my gateway a lot less reliable and it introduced problems I did not have before.


Interesting ot hear of this, because the one difference between my partially working gateway and my almost never working gateway, is that the latter is using Ethernet. This is because the wireless passphrase at that location contains an ampersand, which the setup process could not handle.

That said, I’ve never seen either gateway go into AP mode since the original setup process, so don’t think this is my problem. But if I get a chance I will set up a guest WiFi without the ampersand and see if that helps.

(Davidver) #177

My gateway was relatively stable on version 1.0.3. Since I received my Pickit3 programmer today, I flashed the new firmware including the bootloader r2 - and since then, no connection is established anymore!



Hi @BoRRoZ, tnx for the info. I have a wemos D1 mini at stock and flashed it with esp-link. The TTN gateway send now serial information.


Hi @davidver in the information page there is no configuration, normal you see something like this

Activation locked: true
Config correct: true
Region: EU_863_870
Gateway Card: 868Mhz

(Davidver) #180

I know, that’s what I used to have until flashing the new bootloader!

(Remko) #181

For those who live in the Netherlands and own a TTN Gateway I offer a opportunity to have their TTN Gateway programmed with the updated bootloader after our meetup coming Saturday, April 7, at 13:00 hours in Apeldoorn. I will bring a programmer for this with me.

Location details can be found here:

About the bootloader: “The bootloader changes some clock settings, which should make the clock more accurate, and therefore UART communication with the LoRa module more reliable.”

Please send me a DM to announce that you are coming to Apeldoorn so I know who to expect.

(Anttn) #182

Hi, I’d like to program “firmware-with-bootloader.hex” (v1.0.3) with PICKit3.

I am not exactly sure how to go about it at this moment. Also, I only find instructions on how to setup and compile the “firmware-with-bootloader.hex” but none on updating “firmware-with-bootloader.hex” with PICKit3.

Your help on how to update “firmware-with-bootloader.hex” with PICKit3 will be great.

(Davidver) #183

Hi, you can download the firmware with bootloader from here:

Instructions for the programming can be found here:

Unfortunately, this did not work out quite well for myself, see my post just above. Good luck!
Edit: please disregard this last statement - issue turned out to be hardware related.

(Kreeve) #184

I have a Things Network Gateway, (about 1 month old now) That is ethernet connected, but I see it show up in a list of wireless networks still. Originally it was set-up on wireless, but every couple of days would be disconnected and I would have to reboot the Gateway to get it to connect. I started over and now it is a hard wire ethernet connection, and it has not needed rebooting. Just noticed though that it is showing up as a AP.

(Hylke Visser) #185

@kreeve follow the Github issue to get updates on that:

(Davidver) #186

My new gateway issue appears not related to my updating the bootloader, but to a loose hardware connection - apparently the Lora module got displaced a bit by the handling of the unit and connecting/disconnecting the Pickit. After applying some gentle pressure the gateway is back to its stable operating conditions!

(Dellekom) #187

I ordered two Gateways (v1) last year when it did cost 300 EUR plus tax. While the GW was not even on its way, the price dropped down to 280 EUR., but that’s just a starter.

I was a little surprised that it has no PoE capability but more surprised that until today, I did not see any manual.

After setting it up, I wanted to disable Wifi. I heard it is not possible,

Since some weeks, it loses connections every few hours, while my outward VDSL connection is stable and uninterrupted over weeks, my external IP is fixed. We are having 100 Mbit/s down, 40 Mbits/up. I thought this should suffice.

In my last attempt to fix the connection issues, I upgraded to the beta firmware v1.0.3-2c56ce09 (2018-03-22T12:20:52Z). The connection issues continue.

I am still able to reach my gateway from the LAN here, the info page says “Broker connection: False” - if it is not able to hold a connection over a simple household router (Fritzbox 7560) that exists in the millions in Germany, what is it good for anyway?

I think the only option I have is to scrap both GWs: I can afford to throw away 600 + EUR because I am a professional company but what I am not able to sustain is constantly failing equipment plus added incessant travels to the gateways to reset theme every some hours. This is unacceptable to me.

The sad thing is: I am one of the key persons who deal with the rollout in the second bigger city in Germany, Freiburg. We are even collaborating with our local electric grid company who provides other gateways. As the things are today, I can only strongly warn against installing or buying those gateways. It is just frustrating, also the way how we are sometimes treated in this forum.

However, if you like to climb on your roof every day, it might still be a great gateway, I don’t know.

Only "positive" articles survive

sorry to hear that of course… and I don’t think TTN like the situation, but I know they are working hard to fix every issue, for some people with non working gateways (not all !) I can imagine the frustration and the waiting.

Thanks again for all the members who have been helping out by testing, submitting logs and troubleshooting their gateways.
TTN’s team is working hard on fixing all remaining issues, and they really appreciate your help and patience.
As always, they will keep you updated with the progress in this forum thread.

I am one off the many daily testers and I don’t ‘relay’ all my findings on the forum, but I’ll hope together, as a community, we can fix this.

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We are working on a patch to fix the WiFi and Ethernet connectivity issues which we believe will improve the performance and stability of the gateway, while at the same time also decreasing the frequency of the reboot loops. Thanks to our dedicated testers @cyberjunky @BoRRoZ @weradis @jurrien for helping us throughout at every stage.

The Things Products Team

(Dellekom) #190

That sounds like good news, thank you!


Today i have received my Pickit3 programmer and programmed the gateway. i 'll keep you informed. if other ttn-ers will program there gateway in the region of the Hague give me a pm.


After 50 minutes gateway loops after MQTT error, still no improvement with the beta bootloader r2 and firmware version 1.03.

(Grahame Horner) #193

It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at this forum and the progress with the stability of the bootloader/firmware, as I’m still seeing issues getting reported I thoughts I’d doma quick post to let people know that I opted to purchase and install recommend software written especially for this hardware, and have the pleasure is saying that these guys have made the whole experience easy and everything works without issue.

Note: added bonus that the hardware is cheaper the app TTN, I’m now doing range tests :love_you_gesture: