TTN Sevilla, Spain

With few resources and great enthusiasm we started the community of Seville for The Things Network:

  • Our intention: to create in a free LoRaWAN network in Seville so that hackers, makers or people interested in the #IoT we can experiment openly with sensors and devices.
  • Our weapons: a handful of single board computers, some sensors and a couple of LoRaWAN gateways (the latter pending to be acquired).
  • Our first step: to provide free LoRaWAN coverage to the historic center, and to probe the interest of the #IoT community in Seville about this technology and the potential of the community.
  • Our last step: to have convinced all Sevillians about this crazy idea and to become part of the community.

In front of J. Felix Ontañón and Javier Vargas, two geeks of the # IoT # M2M and #OpenSource, lucky enough to have some support from the company in which we work, PodGroup, to acquire the necessary hardware in these first steps.

By end of October we will be celebrating our first MeetUp from the Internet of Things - Seville. Until then, you have us at your disposal on our slack channel #thingsnetworksevilla and on twitter @ttn_sevilla.


Do not miss our last blog updates (spanish):


I am a network/systems consultant and electronics hacker, using LoRa for some personal needs, namely stray dogs (tracker) :smiley:

For those interested in this exciting community and technology around North East Seville area, I’m setting up (pending mounting on a 9m mast) a proffessional gateway (Mikrotik based) which should push the range limits of LoRa, as thanks to its strategical geographic position (highest point in kilometers) should cover a huge portion of Seville’s countryside:

Captura de pantalla 2020-02-19 a las 8.09.13

Captura de pantalla 2020-02-19 a las 8.10.35

Rings are 1km apart, for a range of 15km radius.

Will advise when deployed, plan to integrate it with TTN Mapper.

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En castellano:

Soy consultor de redes y sistemas y hacker en electrónica, utilizo LoRa por necesidad personal (perros tránsfugas :smiley:) y para desarrollar sistemas de control/monitorización sobre LoRa (especialmente interesado en aplicaciones ganaderas, agrícolas… sostenibles).

Para aquellos interesados en esta ilusionante comunidad y tecnología, en breve montaré en mástil de forma definitiva un gateway LoRaWAN público (sobre equipo profesional Mikrotik, 8 canales EU) que debería llegar a los limites máximos de alcance de LoRa, gracias a estar emplazado en un punto de estrategia geográfica (el más alto en kms de la zona); debería de cubrir una vasta extensión de la campiña sevillana, como puede verse en las imágenes.

Los anillos estan espaciados 1km, radio hasta 15km.

Me muero de ganas de integrarlo en TTN-Mapper para ver coberturas :thinking:

Hey @fcojmontilla this is HUGE !!! Very happy to see you join this community.

Actually, most of the TTN Sevilla members gather at our slack channel.

Let me copy this post here, but let me invite you to Slack. I guess the first action we could do is enlarging the TTN Sevilla area so your gateway is geographically covered by our community.

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Can you post the link again? (expired)

Yes once I deploy it definitely on the mast would love to have it under TTN Seville community.

Hi. You’re right, that link expired!! I guess that is why there was no new people joining recently hahaha

Here’s the new never-expiring link:

Thanks for noticing!

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