TTN3 components on dedicated server and in a cluster

Hello, everyone,

I would like to use TTN3 productively. I went through the following instructions and managed to install TTN3. What I don’t like about this installation is that all components are installed on only one server. However, I would like to have a separate dedicated server for each component, like this:

  • join server
  • application server
  • gateway server
  • network server
  • identity server
  • redis server
  • cockroach server

For the databases (redis & cockroach) this is quite simple as I can just install them on sperate server and specify the ip address and the port in the according yml file. However, I do not know how to do it for all the other components.

Additionally I could see in the documentation ( that it is possible to run TTN3 in a cluster. Therefore keys have to be generated and shared. But I don’t know where and how I have to generate this key.

Do any of you have any experience and can give me tips that help me to run TTN3 with dedicated servers ?

Thank you very much.


The Things Stack comes with basic support for running services on different servers. You can find the configuration options for that on

High Availability (multiple instances of each component) is not included in the open source edition of The Things Stack. If you need this, you can take a look at The Things Enterprise Stack.

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