West-Brabant, The Netherlands

Hi TTN world,

We are mobilizing the crowd in the West-Brabant area for The Things Network.
All interested to join, please visit our community page to make it happen.

Grtz, PH3V


The West-Brabant community seems to grow by the day :wink:

Grt. Arian

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Yes! We have met all the criteria to become an official TTN community.
For this reason we organize a West-Brabant Kickoff Meetup

See you next week, 22 november in Zundert (near the A16 motorway)

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Hi members of TTN West-Brabant. I’m trying to get in touch with group members but i’ve not received any reply so far. Can someone please tell me if this group is still active, and can we maybe revive it?

Reboot time! A new meetup has now been planned for TheThingsNetwork West-Brabant. Come join us on April 9 for demonstrations, discussions and presentations! Please see our Meetup page for the details: http://www.meetup.com/The-Things-Network-West-Brabant-Community/

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