What is the difference between arduino uno and The Things uno

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Could anyone tell me what is the difference between arduino uno and the Things Uno?

The Things Uno is a Leonardo (so not an Uno) with ‘integrated’ RN2483/RN2903 LoRaWAN module.

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So, if i use an arduino Uno board and an RN2483 then the thethings network library will work perfect. Is this statement true?

No, if you use a Leonardo and an RN2483 it will work. On the Arduino UNO it won’t because it requires USB build into the core controller which the Leonardo has and the Uno lacks.


First of all thank you very much!
Because i have only arduinos Uno an rn 2483 modules could you suggest me a proper library that should work?

the MicroChip modules have an API and a micro controller built in so you just send it commands over serial. If you’re looking for examples, have you looked for such on the MicroChip website? Again, they have already abstracted the low level control so any device with a async serial interface can communicate with it.

The key item an Arduino UNO is missing is a second “real” serial port. UNO’s only serial port is devoted to communication via the USB port. Communication with the RN2483 does not work very reliably.

The Leonardo has a serial port and a USB “serial” port. The former can talk with the RN2483, the latter can remain usable for programming/communicating through USB.

You can also use a much cheaper Pro Micro (clone), which is more or less a very small Leonard, but still supports a large number of I/O pins. Using a 3.3V version (which runs at 8Mzh) also saves you some level-converting.

I’ve used these with RN2483 sucessfully. You can use the TheThingsNetwork arduino-device-lib with this configuration.


thank you all for your precious answers!

I’ve had no problems using the TTN library with a RN2483 using software serial. It all works reliably. The important part is my RN2483 shield has level shifters on the Rx/Tx lines so this helps. So using the RN2483 with a regular Arduino Uno or even a Zero works well. I’ve had one running now for many months without issue.


I never realized this, what does this mean for the usability of a bare at328P chip with an RFM95 connected to it?

edit: i see, i didn’t know the leonardo is based on a different chip.

The most recent version of the TTN library requires an USB enabled microcontroller so it won’t work with Arduino Unos.

another thing is that the deepsleep code will not compile on other boards then the leonardo ( ATmega32u4 )

Maybe “not on other boards than those using an ATmega32u4”?

For example the LilyPad Arduino USB uses that MCU too. And, for example, Badgerboard tells one to select that LilyPad Arduino USB board in the IDE, for which the TTN library compiles fine then. I don’t know if it fully works as expected; that’s a bit hard to tell with the little documentation Badgerboard provides.

yes that’s what I meant :sunglasses:

TTN library is very easy to use… Can we use it with Arduino uno+RN2483

The TTN library is written for the arduino leonardo … unfortunately TTN choose the name ‘uno’
So many of the TTN examples won’t compile.


Hello guys it me again. I was about to order “The Things Uno” but some guys told me not to do this because they ordered some themselves and there is about 6 months after the purchase and they didnt take them. So, please could anyone tell me which module should i get to create a node either with arduino Uno or Leonardo and be connectable with a gateway made by raspberry pi + ic880a?
I was thinking to order Wimod wsa01- im880b shield for arduino (http://webshop.imst.de/wsa01-im880b-wimod-shield-for-arduinotm.html). Has anyone used it?

I would be really gratefull if you could answer to me, because i am on a dead-end.

For me a Arduino Uno and DRAGINO LORA SHIELD - 868MHZ is working pretty good without any glitches. The powerdown is also working …
Please let me know if you need help to find a dealer for the shield.



Thank you very much for your answer! So you use for the nodes dragino lora shield. Are these nodes connectable with a gateway made by raspberry pi and ic880a?

yes they are.
we are using them in https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/biberach.
There are github links available as well.


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