Wisen Whisper Node LoRa TTN working example

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can someone please point me to actually working example how to connect Wisen Whisper Node LoRa to TTN? (ABP or OTAA, I dont mind at the moment.)
I had minimal problem doing same with the Adafruit Feather 32u4 LoRa, but with Whisper Node I cannot find a single example.

Thanks in advance.


what did you try ?

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I did read the whole page of documentation:

Downloaded Talk2 Library from Bitbucket and try out examples:
Blink.nonBlocking, PowerDown.wakePeriodic and Voltage.node
Voltage.node is trasmiting data, but not to TTN.

I have tried to customize helloLora example from TinyLora library by changing the pin numbers, but without luck. It just does not send any data to TTN Console.

I have found tutorial here:
It looks like excelent tutorial, but does not work with Whisper node.

I just need one working example to understand how it should look, but for uknown reason I cant find a single example :frowning:


true… that tutorial will never work, you need code with an Arduino-LMIC library and possibly add an extra wire to the board.

did you contact the seller/maker ?

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  1. I have no problem to add some wires, my soldering skills are pretty good. But would be nice If I dont have to experiment and hoping it will work (instructions/tutorial needed).
  2. I know there is LMIC, TinyLora, RadioHead, TheThingsNetwork libraries… sure, I can spend enormous time trying them out. But honestly I was hoping for some info from someone who already did this.
  3. I did post same question to their topic:
    But I am afraid I will get same anwser as bombix here:
  4. I saw that topic ( Whisper Node and RFM95 DIOs), and as he say "it sends only the first message to the LoRaWAN Gateway " but in my case I am not that far, I do not know which library to use and what pin config neither if there is anything else to solder…


and they are all different things.:sunglasses:
You’ll need LMIC code and probably bridge a jumper.

Curious to see how they answer on your forum question there.
Overall its not the easiest way to start with ttn/ lorawan.