Can I detect "error=device with matching FCnt not found" with mqtt api?



I am working with my a private lorawan stack based on the thing networks v2, I haven’t had time to update to the v3 yet, and I was wondering whether is possibe or not to detect the error device with matching FCnt not found through the MQTT Management API.

So, if I have this error

Feb 19 09:38:42 Broker[2153]: WARN Could not handle uplink AppEUI=XXXXXXXXXXXXX AppID=std DevAddr=XXXXXX DevAddrResults=1 DevEUI=XXXXXXXXXXXXX DevID=node1 Duplicates=1 FCnt=17 GatewayID=eui-XXXXXXXXXXXXX MICChecks=1 error=device with matching FCnt not found

Can I use the MQTT Management API to capture it or should I use the HTTP? I have tried to use the following subscription through mqtt node in node-red std/devices/+/events/+ but I cannot see the error.

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