Cannot log in to V3 console

Hi, I currently cannot log in to It is constantly redirecting between The Things Network Console and

Any ideas? I have two TTN accounts (private and official) and I suspect switching between them is problematic. But maybe it’s just a temporary problem on the server right now?

BTW, similar problems arise outside the V3 world if I try to logout here in the forums, login again with the other account and go back to the forums. The page then shows a “login” button, and when I click it, I am logged in again with the wrong account.

When logging in to V3 I get many times “unauthorised” but when I rfresh teh pag I get console again. :flushed:

Wanted to authorise when I just logged in, but all fine otherwise.

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Still strange. If I remove all cookies related to the different The Things websites (all URLs containing “thethings” in any position), I can log in again, but only with my 1st (private) account — which is most important for now since that’s the account I am currently using for V3 testing.

So I am quite sure the redirection error is not a temporary server problem but a basic problem with cookies and login sessions.

But when I clear all cookies and try to use my 2nd (official) account, it does not work – which is rather strange: On the V3 console page I click on the blue “Login with The Things ID” button and the login form is shown. After entering my account name and passwort and clicking “Submit”, I click “Authorize”, then an error page is shown that says “Unauthorized”. When I try to open the V3 page afterwards, I end up in an endless redirect cycle. On the second try (same procedure, starting with removing all cookies), the “Unauthorized” page is not shown, but the redirect cycle starts immediately.

So, after logging out + removing all cookies, I can again log in with my 1st account and, at least, use the V3 console, the V2 console, and this forum :grinning:.

Thanks for reporting this. I will investigate this and post an update.

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Appears like this is an issue related to your account then and not so much with account switching. Could you send me the username of said account in a private message, so I can have a look at the logs. EDIT: I guess it’s your Kater account then.

Note that one issue currently is that The Things ID will remember your session when logging in and the only way to reset it is to clear the cache. So the current experience for “account switching” is wonky at best. We will flesh out the functionality here in the coming weeks.

Be aware that your username may be cached and next time you may not be asked for a username again when selecting the Login with Things ID button.
This prevented logging in with a different user account. As workaround one had to empty the browser cache (delete cookies).

This was a know issue that may have been fixed already.

What I did notice though is that I have already been asked more than once to ‘Allow Access’ (a button that has to be selected). Not every time but more than once. This could be related to deleting cookies from the cache.

Bl00dy inconvenient as may have cookies relating to other sites and services cached for a given session (sometimes allow session cookies where I have to but avoid the damned things, esp 3rd party, when I can ! :wink: )

I have medium restrictive cookie settings (no 3rd party, otherwise allowed). All the browsers I am using regularly allow selective removal of cookies so I do not lose others than The Things ones. But anyway it’s a tedious act to pick and remove them selectively.

I had the same problem!

The Things Network Console … redirecting!


Google Translate:
I’m new here and have created an account at
On The Things Network Account
my username is not recognized. I can’t log in, what am I doing wrong?

Besten Dank.

Hi @mtlm3854 not exactly clear what your problem is.

You already have an account (mtlm3854), the one you are currently using.
Is that the account your are having a problem with or do you mean another account?


Accounts are created on
by selecting the Sign Up button on top right:

Image 2021-02-16 12·18·50

Which will forward you to the following registration page:
User accounts are not created in the Console (neither V2 nor V3).

Your @mtlm3854 username (account) should automatically be granted access to the V3 environment.

What URL were you trying to access?
What did you see on screen (screenshot?), what was the exact error message?

Did you try to access the V3 console via this URL?:

You may try to clear your browser cache and delete cookies and then try again, or try a different browser to see if that makes any difference.

Hello bluejedi, thank you for your answer.
You understood me correctly, and I did it exactly as you write. but a login on V3 is not possible (I used a different browser). If I click on Forgot Password, I am asked for my username> Send> Username is unknown.


That is not what I see.
I see “incorrect password or user ID”.

So this could be either incorrect password or incorrect user ID (or possibly unknown user ID which is possible but less likely).

Have you already verified that the password you use is correct?

Maybe you had the browser remember your password and let it fill in automatically for TTN V2. If you then visit TTN V3 that is a different URL and it will not use a password stored in the browser for V2.

You can try the following first:

Use the other browser.
Go to
Check if you are automatically logged in (top-right)
If so then logout and clear the browser cache and cookies.
Then visit the same page again. You should not be logged in automatically.
Then login by manually entering your user id and password.

Does it fail, then you have forgotten your password.
Does this succeed then we may have to trigger someone from TTI to look into this.

The password is correct, I just checked it again.

I see username invalid if I want to reset the password on



logging in with the correct password is therefore not possible.

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 @kschiffer can you help here?

Anyone know advice?

For some reason, unknown to me, there are two Login buttons on the V3 console login page. For me, the the top one works but the lower one fails. You might be using the wrong one. Hopefully someone on this forum will be able to explain the difference.


Same issue here, with Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, even browsers that have never seen any domains from ttn before. Do I need to clear further cookies than just domains containing *thethings*?

I see an infinite redirect loop after successful authentication, but within the webapp, so the browser does not detect and stop this. In Firefox, even clicking cancel in the toolbar does not stop permanent reloading of the site

Any advice? Im only using thethings id, not credentials.

@htdvisser Looks like the account issue is not totally resolved yet…