Gateway damaged? All LED’s are blinking except number 4


Hello, I own a TTN Gateway from TTN (Model:TTN-001-868-1.0) and it worked for around 4 months well.
Suddenly it stoped working and now when I power it up no one of the LED is lighted.
If I press the button inside when I power up the device, all LED’s are blinking except number 4, in a intervall of 4 times per second… After around 30 seconds the LED are all off again.
The gateway could not be detected by wifi at all.

Any Idea what I can do ? Thank you.

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Did you look at the page that describes what the LED light combinations stand for?

Also you seem to be describing that you are reseting the gateway which it states the FAQ depending on how long you hold the button and if you do while powering on or after the power is on you quite possibly erased the WiFi settings or the entire serial flash.

Q. How can I reset my gateway?

  • Pressing the button shortly while powered on restarts the gateway.
  • Holding the button for 2 seconds while powered on it erases the WiFi settings.
  • Holding the button for 5 seconds while powered on it erases the WiFi settings and activation settings.
  • Holding the button while powering on it will erase the full serial flash.


Hello glbaum,
thank you for the answer.

Yes I had a look at the describtion of the status leds.
No led mean: no power / User action = Make sure the device is powered
–> the device is powered ! ?

When I power on the gateway while pressing the button, all LED’s are blinking except number 4.
–> this status is not documented (or I can’t find the describtion)

RESET the gateway:

I did a reset (holding the button while the power was applyed) so the whole flash is erased.
Does that mean that just the settings are set back to default (erased) or the whole firmware of the gatweay is erased ?

Any idea what I can do or try ?


see also

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From another topic:

So I’d assume that “a normal” full erase of the serial flash should not clear the firmware, or should revert it to the factory version.

Did you try to activate it again? Can you get to http://things-gateway.local/info ?

If all fails, then you can always reinstall from an SD card. But we’re curious too, so before doing that: what’s the current status?


I have flashed the firware like decribed above (reinstall from SD card).
I have inserted the SD card and powered the gateway.
After power up, the first 3 LED of the gatways are blinking for around 10 seconds.
Then the fisrt LED blinks for around 5 seconds.
Then all LEDs are off.

When I power cycle the gateway again no LED are on or blinking…

Looks like the gateway is dead. I think I have to send it back to repair…