Gateway is shown as "not connected" but works!?

My Gateway (Raspberry Pi with IMST iC880A) was working without any problem since over a year, but now it is no more listed in the ttn gateway overview and in the console it is listed with " Status not connected" and last seen “26 days ago”. But it is still working. When I track my devices in the ttn console the receiving gateway is my gateway
“gateways”: [
“gtw_id”: “eui-b827ebfffe265f55”, <- thats the id of my gateway which is listed as not connected and not seen since 26 days!

Also the log of the gateways “ttn-gateway” service looks well.

I have upgraded the Gateway software to the latest version because of the problem. No change.

Any ideas?

Indeed. See All of the gateways show "not connected" (offline) in TTN Console. And note that shows:

Unreliable information on NOC component

As a result of flaky data streams, the information in the NOC component may be unreliable. As a result, gateways may appear in the console as offline, while they are in fact online. Gateway traffic in the console may not work. Application traffic is not affected by this.

Posted 1 month ago. Jan 27, 2020 - 13:56 CET

Thank you for the information!
I have searched the forum before writing but didn’t find it. My fault.
Although I still don’t understand why the other gateways in Augsburg are visible and mine is missing?


this is an eror that not all gateways have.

See: TTN Console not working properly all the time

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