New gateway: The Things Indoor Gateway

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile: :+1:
Printed one this afternoon…another just finished and 3 more in process :slight_smile:
EU mains pin/adapter holes no use here in UK but as you can see have alternate plans…just needed a holder as obviously unit cant stand up when powered given bottom cable entry;-)



e.g.: wall or wooden frame mounting etc.

BTW given relatively poor internal antenna would recommend NOT winding excess cable around unit when in operation as may further mask/perturb signal but rather let it hang free :wink:

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Just checked on RS UK site and looks like next availability isn’t until mid June! :frowning: so unless they have a spares stock to cover defective units it looks like RMA’ing the troublesome unit might be a futile exercise in short term…may just sacrifice it to test potential physical changes and experiments inc re-housing, adding alternate external ant etc…

Pity availability so poor as would likely order another 5/6 (10?) to have communities & potential clients test and play with…

It seems so, there is some initial post about this, New gateway: The Things Indoor Gateway - #100 by humaxnerd

Yes, thanks - had been trawling the earlier thread messages looking for possible solutions this evening and saw this also - might try to hack in coming days :slight_smile: A lot has happened in last couple of months and so I forgot seeing the pin out references and the R86 resistor hack to enable logging on the CP2102N port…

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Looking at yesterday data, I found a point collected at 2.6km, with no particular effort on gw placement. Not bad. As soon as I become used to it, I will open and put a better antenna :slight_smile: and then move under the roof.

is there any supplier other than RS to deliver in Europe? or any plans for other suppliers?

Any ETA on AS923 and AU915 support?

some strange tripletts, shown by TTIG

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Brilliant, exact same here!!! I thought I was going mad - RAK831 is not doing this and yet the TTIG sat next to it is going crazy on triplet downlinks/join confirms.

yep… I’ve seen that before too, can even replicate :


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Hummm, went to have a closer look at mine soak testing and 1 is showng same behaviour


Looking closely this appears to be a repeating down link for a Laird RS1xx sensor that asks for occasional confirmed packets as part of keep alive/watchdog process.

Looking at @BoRRoZ and @bluesensing1 screen grabs like its the GW repeating downlink (ack or join accept?) in each case!? Is that expected behaviour I wonder…

Update on the 5th unit showing connected but no traffic - have left it running for many hours continuously to see if it started working, no joy :frowning: Have then checked Autoimatic updates box in console and again left running for many hours, still no joy and finally also checked Beta updates as well…again after many hours running and connected still no joy.

Monitoring all 5 I notice that the questionable unit starts blinking green LED every few minutes and I can see power consumption fall away each time suggesting it is going through a self reset/restart…looking more closely at the other 5 I have noticed all do something similar but the dodgy unit does this every few minutes where the others take far longer between flashing cycles…will monitor (have to sit and watch! - not very productive) for a longer period to see if there is a pattern and how it compares with the 4 apparently ‘good’ units.

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I don’t understand in which way the gateway could be causing the console to show multiple downlinks. Each downlink shown in the console should be issued by the back-end, not generated by the gateway.
Only thing I can think of is the Semtech to Basic Station translation layer somehow NACKing the downlinks and the back-end repeating them.


I forgot to post update on power consumption:

4660mAh after 17hrs
5466mAh after 20hrs…
And after a full 24Hrs…6541mAh

That’s around 55% of an original SMTC LoRa IoT STK (RPi2B based), 75-80% of a Laird RG186, 73-77% of a RAK831/RPi0W/Hallard interface board, and ~40% of a RAK Pilot (RAK831/RPi3B+) under similar test conditions.


so do you guys think this is TTIG related? do the nodes triggering this have ADR activated?

disclaimer : I’m not in anyway 'connected to TTI :sunglasses:

No, I never said that, I’m with Jac… this has something todo with the backend

well, go figure:

today i brought a different gateway (RAK2245) to where the triple-downlink-generating (ADR) node is sending. after starting it up it received the uplinks fine, no downlinks there - TTIG still returning triplets.

climbing up to the attic i found the TTIG (as others mentioned) is flashing it’s LED. checking it’s power supply i found it was a 1A, which i assumed might be a bit on the weak side, so i thought i’d try hooking it up to the raspi, which itself is powered with 2A only - but who knows … lo and behold - for several minutes the TTIG returned single downlinks only.

coming home now, opening the console for the two gateways unfortunately we’re back at triple downlinks from the TTIG. whereas the other gateway seems to sometimes try to take over the ADR-control and sends a downlink by itself instead - a single one i may underscore.


so yes. to me these triple-downlinks look like an issue of the TTIG (though being all but logical, as - as @cslorabox mentioned in another place - shouldn’t be able to “invent” downlinks by itself … but quite obvioulsy, something one could interpret like this is happening.

might bring the node home where i have “classic” TTG, curious if this would behave the same way.


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have you tried yet using a different / more powerful powersupply?

The TTIG does not put downlink information in the console, the back-end does. So I think the TTIG or the Semtech to Basic Station gateway software between the back-end and the TTIG is triggering strange back-end behavior.

@johan @htdvisser any idea what is happening? Is logging an issue on github for the V2 stack of any use?


The TTIG with the Basic Station PF has it’s own scheduler which might be causing some issue here. Will investigate.