Payload available but sometimes not decoded to payload_fields in MQTT

Can anyone guess what is wrong here?

Testing a Heltec board : mosquitto_sub delivers the raw JSON that is delivered by TTN, but in the data with counter=4, TTN does not deliver the payload fields, hence the JQ processing throws an error.


Thank you,

(yes I know the 2 minutes dutycycle is not TTN fair policy)

I’ve seen this reported before, but cannot find it. (I probably saw it in Slack, which doesn’t provide much history in the free account with that many messages. I can only find references to “Internal error: Interrupted javascript execution for Decoder after 1.326067817s”, which was due to limited resources in Meshed’s Australia servers.)

If this happened more than once: please subscribe to the MQTT error events to see if that tells you something?

Thank you, will try that and see if it happens again.