Success with remote switch (power relay) on TTN?

Does anybody know if it is / is not possible to manage these devices with TTN?

I can’t find any evidence to suggest it’s the case, though it appears there is a LoRa → gateway → wifi route?

The product uses plain LoRa, not LoRaWAN. So it won’t work at all with TTN, unless a different firmware is developed.

The product is based on atmega328, which has very little capacity. People are struggling to get a full LoRaWAN stack working on atmega328, so you would need to be up for a challenge if you decide to develop a different firmware.

Depending on how quickly you want the relay to react, you would probably need to develop the firmware as a class C device. I don’t think TTN supports class C, but maybe it does with the new v3. Hopefully someone else has more info on the current state of TTN. Some info is available at Class C | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

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You might also consider Dragino LT-22222 or LT-33222 (sadly latter now not recommended for new designs) if you can live with 2 lower rated (5A contacts) relays vs 4. Could always mux and use relays to switch relays :wink: or use 2 devices - note a lot more expensive than the Makerfabs boards, but then also housed and a complete product, with additional features supported. Difference is former 2 x Digital I/O, latter 3 x Digital I/O in addition to Relays and other sensors support. These are LoRaWAN (support Class A & Class C) and I currently use in several installation inc. BMS, pump control & monitoring power systems for Solar enabled platforms. Note documentation talks about also using with Single Channel packet forwarders vs full LoRaWAN GW’s - do not attempt to do this on TTN!!! I know there are also lots of other LoRaWAN enabled Relay/Switching systems - GIYF or try TT Marketplace…

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TTS CE definitely supports class C as my Dragino LT-33222 switches on the relais about 1second after giving the command in the console independent of uploads.

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