The WORKBENCH part 3

true… I’ll try a few different usb-serial modules first :sweat_smile:

these type of boards are for sale too

Absolutely, got some :slight_smile:

and of course I’ll have to ask… where can I find it , lex’s code ?
for battery level I have CH2I lib so no resister divider

14399 nA … WOW… I’m jealous :rofl:

I think he maybe is using this one as described in this post :

@pe1mew, please correct me if i’m wrong.

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Last but not least, got 1mA sleep mode, but better after putting flash to sleep :wink:


I need to write a small sketch just to test sleep mode for this modules with RFM95 modules

Q : maybe stupid, but if we leave the protection diode on the board and use a 3v6 battery ?

will the voltage drop enough to ‘protect’ the mcu/rfm95

A: You will loose 0.6 Volt of “use”. When the battery voltage drops the node will stop operating earlier than without.

BTW: I have abused RFM95 many times using 5V and they never failed me. (lucky me)

yes… but with the BOD set at 1.8 ?

Absolutely not stupid, that’s the deal, what I’m doing first is to think how board will be powered

  • Lipo : leave protect diode (to protect if on board charger and connected with USB) and regulator
  • 3.6V battery remove LDO and Diode

so the first if “how the board will be powered” :wink:

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amazing, same for me, latest was even with RN2483 module :wink:

you two should buy a lottery ticket today ! :rofl:


I fried LoRaDuino yesterday, putting FTDI reversed and with 5V, no smoke nor either, but no more upload :wink:

Removed diode and LDO


In my Lora-Radio-Node

Buzzer and moisture-oultet shall be added later.

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ok ordered some… will take the risk of frying

Nice, I need to do that, You could even let the diode, wiring 3V3 to VBAT with dupond on connector :wink:

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I’m using this one works fine

@pe1mew, where do you order your female wired connector to go to the board ?


Any reference? thanks

ahah @pe1mew you pointed me to read back the regulator datasheet, this is it, the energy consumer :wink:

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