The WORKBENCH part 3



found this… but what is it ?? :thinking:

(Adam Jp) #333

I’m pretty sure its a temp gauge for kilns, ceramic kilns. the “CONE” label is to mark the start of the transition of glazes that are applied to ceramics and the state of the clay, I think the smaller numbers in that area would be for different temp pyrometric cones … same type my parents used for their kilns, until dad got sick of reading it and swapped it to a digital rs232 temp monitor to talk to our atari st.


Tempature (pyrometer) meter for a ceramic kiln


ok tnx…
it came from someone who used to collect and polish minerals/stones/cristals… thing like that


what ? $145.00 ? I struck gold ! :wink:


for some rf experiments I want to remotely switch the node/device antenna’s
bought the chips last year… but now I found complete modules that I will use :sunglasses:


The BIG and SMALL ANTENNA topic part 2

cheap IP 67 waterproof outdoor node enclosure with mounting bracket :roll_eyes:

(Tim Everitt) #339

Hi @BoRRoZ, you really made me laugh with this one. I studiously read all your workbench and bargain postings and often follow the links and sometimes buy samples of the things to try out.

I want to buy one of these… but - for the first time that I can remember - there does not seem to be a link with the image! :open_mouth:

Please can you post with a link. Big thanks from me for all your posts.


Hi Tim , I bought long time ago 3 pcs (2 by mistake) 698-2700 Mhz antennas , absolutely not usable for LoRa … but I can’t throw things away '…can be used in the future :wink:)

  • seller is not to be found anylonger
    I bought them for around 10E… they are still available but for a different price :scream:

but maybe someday…

  • update
    getting closer to 10€ :sweat_smile:






I’ll make it a bit smaller (and control over I2C)

better use some rf shielding enclosure

I build it as an I2C module So I can use it in some other projects too… plug and play :thinking:

POC test :thinking:






huh ? :scream:




(Remko) #346

@BoRRoZ here did you purchase this housing?


have to search… but I remember they don’t sell anylonger last time I looked… that’s because @Jeff-UK bought them all :wink:

  • found it :sweat_smile:

sometimes here

(Remko) #348

Both out of stock. allready for a long time.


just found his little brother :sunglasses:


and this is the manufacturer in CN

(Jeff Uk) #350

:blush: Sorry! :grimacing::pleading_face: - I only took a half dozen! Work well with the Pilot & re-housing Laird RG186’s :wink: I bought them as smaller/compact options as alternate to usual EZ enclosure :
(They look to be old (think maybe 1990’s Nortel? sourced from EZ) CATV break-out/repeater cases - nicely made…5x Cable glands or N-type vs 4 for the SOE01 )

:thinking: actually I could do with a couple more so if anyone finds some please shout here! :wink: I looked quickly a couple of months back, no joy…



but the transport costs :scream:
no extra’s like glands/bottomplate/ethernet connector/blinds ?