The WORKBENCH part 3


big diy powerbank from 2800 x 18650’s :astonished:
source :FB group DIY Powerwalls

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My job for tonight: Modifying antenna matching of these KISS LoRa gadgets. Whish me luck with 0402!



:thinking: Look interesting…what are they? (Details…details…! :wink: )

and good glasses.
what helps is to drink a wiskey before your start (ask Jeff) :wink:

Good luck, what is the mod?

Simple: this one: How to connect Utrecht E&A exhibition KISS LoRa to TTN? Antenna matching has to be modified

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Happy to have a microscope here (borrowed mine of my oldest son)

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I recently started with SMD in 0805 size for the Mini-Lora, and that is going well, but 0402 would be beyond what I can see and most probably can handle :roll_eyes:

Have fun!

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Whiskey?..Not this Jeff! :wink: …now those bottles you sometime have :wink: …and besides with my eyes its nothing smaller that 0603’s :slight_smile:

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KISS LoRa Gadget was a project you could collect at WOTS, a fair on electronics and more in the Netherlands:

in Dutch:

The node is a RN4283 with HTU21, accelerometer, leds, light intensity sensor and rotary switch.

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Just found out that I had ordered the wrong value for the capcitor :sweat::sleepy::tired_face:
Finished the job half. So twice the fun of 0402!

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Nice, this one passed me by…way before I signed up to TTN I guess. Have a few RN2483’s floating around so might try to follow schematics & bread board an equivalent to play with :wink:

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Then you have to solder them in series or stack them… Try not to sneeze. :sneezing_face:

Or blow them away.

spotted you Tony… @ FB group RAK IoT Blocks Projects :sunglasses:

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Source? Capabilities/spec? :wink: Looks like a candidate for sensor heavy node just starting …and if capacious even a custom gateway?

update…ok just found the bargain basement thread link :slight_smile:

500mA limit…good for nodes…poss including one in mind but no good for sustaining a gw

For nodes, this one looks good as well:

Yes, have a few of these :slight_smile: (in part based on @BoRRoZ flagging as an option last year)…am looking for units that can be charged at same time as running as well as option of taking a small solar panel input for sustaining/extending battery life where deep sleep and extended quiet periods between sensor sampling/continuous sensor use a problem…if you find something please let me know! :wink:

Also these are good but by the time you plug in a USB connector to end they can be a bit long for some types of compact node so end up hard wiring to the 3V or 5V outputs at side, making less flexible & plug & play.

Have used these with 2400mA 18650’s as USB power banks for running ‘pop-up’ GW’s for a few hours when doing field trials :smile:

Well, as I can see on these, you don’t need the USB, you can wire directly the 3 or 5v, and they can take 6v solar panels as input.
So for the size they are not much bigger than the battery.
Just don’t know how much watts from these Chinese solar panels you would need to sustain the charge for a node (UK/NL/BE climate)