TTN Null Island, Atlantic Ocean

Hi all,

A new TTN community on Null Island has started. We’re up to provide flawless TTN LoRaWAN connectivity on this small island in the Atlantic. Come join us, when you screwed up the GPS coordinates of your new gateway on this planet, too. :wink:



We should start looking into travel options for The Things Conference on Tour :smirk:

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Yeah, TTNx would be a nice conference name for distributed events :wink:

Hmmm, the map only shows 3 today, 2 of which seem to have been put there explicitly by @TwentySixer (and actually are at -2.2208, -0.4000), and another from an unknown user (at 0.3323, 0.5708).


Dummy gateway

It seems that does not really work around there, not even for an extremely large distance? (Right now, the community is actually defined around -2.2208, -0.4570.)

TTN Mapper is filtering when both latitude and longitude are zero. But when it didn’t while TTN was having some NOC issues around May 27th, @thucar posted a nice screen capture on Slack:

Null Island

That would surely have changed the leaderboard. :wink:


We also had a funny formation later on, before all gateways went back home :wink:

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And how a single wrongly configured gateway can mess up a nice map of a LoRaWAN world record:

TTN Mapper

TTN Mapper Null Islang

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It looks like the owner detected the misconfiguration and put it back again to the original location. Maybe we should program an automatic counter how often such things happen and show it on ttnmapper Null Island.

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