Www frontends do no longer show active TTN gateways


there must be a problem i think
would you check this , pls. …

(Jeff Uk) #2

Looks like a system wide problem my communities show no GW’s and the TTN home page map no longer showing any after a page refresh…latter never shows GW’s on map on my iPad but PC also now blank & calling out 0 Gw’s


(Jeff Uk) #3

Looks to be web presentation & console problem as routing is still working fine - just sent some packets to a local GW and can can see traffic logged in the GW console traffic tab :slight_smile:
Checking UK country page all UK communities showing their contributor member number but GW count zero in each case.
Checking the console page listing all my GW’s now show them all as not connected, but looking individually I see the last seen time incrementing then reseting & cycling and traffic is coming in as above :slight_smile:

(Afremont) #4

Maybe this is related to what I’m seeing? My gateway is showing as offline today on the console. However, node traffic is showing on the application and device portions of the console. I rebooted my gateway, but no change - still shows as offline. Everything seems to be working except for gateway page on the console. I’m in the US.

(system) #5

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