This documentation page applies to the legacy Things Network Stack V2. Documentation for The Things Stack V3 is available here

RAK7243C Pilot Gateway

Figure 1: RAK7243C Pilot Gateway

Product Background

The RAK7243C Pilot Gateway is a device that consists of a Raspberry Pi 3B+, a RAK2245 Pi HAT, which includes a GPS module and a Heat Sink for better performance and thermal heat dissipation management, and an optional RAK2013 Cellular Pi HAT all enclosed in an aluminum casing.

The RAK7243C Pilot Gateway is ideal for prototyping, proof-of concept evaluation and demonstration. It includes everything you need to help you get started in building your own LoRaWan Network in just a couple of minutes. It provides great value and flexible functionality for a variate of applications: Smart Grids, Intelligent Farming and other IoT applications.

Product Features

  • Pre-assembled, fully functioning LoRaWAN™ Gateway
  • SX1301 base band processor, emulates 49 x LoRa demodulators 10 programmable parallel demodulation paths, support 8 uplinks channel, 1 downlink channel.
  • Support optional Cellular module (Quectel BG96 or EG95) for NB-IOT / LTE CAT-M1 / LTE CAT1 / LTE CAT4.
  • Built-in the Ublox MAX-7Q GPS Module.
  • TX power up to 27dBm, RX sensitivity down to -139dBm@SF12, BW 125KHz.
  • Full LoRa Global band support (EU433, CN470, IN865, EU868, US915, AU915, AS920, KR920, and AS923).
  • Housing with top cover, body, bottom cover with riveted motherboard standoff (the top acts as a heat-sink).
  • Includes Pi ready ‘ID EEPROM’, GPIO setup and device tree can be automatically configured from vendor information.