Dragino LHT65 and network coverage

Hi, habe mir einen Sensor zugelegt (Dragino LHT65) und wollte ihn ins thethingsnetwork bringen. Aber irgendwie gelingt mir das nicht, er zeigt mir nie an, das er sich ins Netzwerk eingeloggt hat. Lt. Anleitung müsste dann regelmäßig eine blaue LED flashen. Ich sitze hier nahe der Altstadt Köpenick, und laut der diversen Maps müsste ich hier iegentlich Abdeckung haben? Is nur der Sensor kaputt oder mach was falsch?
Gruß Tomber

The TTN forum language is English , good for some but not others I guess.

If I follow correctly

I have a sensor added (Dragino LHT65) and wanted to bring it into the thethingsnetwork. But somehow I do not succeed, he never shows me that he has logged into the network. Lt. Instructions would then flash a blue LED regularly. I’m sitting here near the old town Köpenick, and according to the various maps, I would have here iegentlich cover? Is only the sensor broken or something wrong?

What have you done/tried? What config…will help others help you. :slight_smile:
Created an app? Registered the device? ABP or OTAA. Etc.

Don’t know the specifics of your device what does documentation say about the flashing blue led etc.

If there are gw’s Near you have you contacted their owners? Can they see your traffic/join requests etc…

Are they part of a local community (Berlin close by is a massive community with >100gws & >100 contributors so sure you can get help there :slight_smile: )…can you reach out to them for help…perhaps in your own language if searching the forum and it’s core language a challenge for you…

Give more info & im confident others will step in to help where they can…good luck :slight_smile:

Yes, i added an application with application euis from the LHT65 sticker and added a device with OTAA, device eui , application eui and the app key from LHT65 sticker. I double checked all that. But if i try to connect the device (hold key for more then 3 sec) the led flashes several times green , then red with 15 sec repeating time. And after 10 minutes or so no flashing led anymore. I never see a blue flashing led. Is there something i have to change before in the firmware with a serial connection or why i cant get a connection? according the coverage map i should have lora gateways here

The device eui is A84041000181BD42

BTW, the forum link from berlin community is this forum here…see https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/berlin/

Yes, - I recommend you join them - they have some good guys onboard , many of who are very active here on the TTN Forum so I hope they will pick up on this and help you .

Now to your specific position I had a quick look and you are right there are several GWs within a few KM of you both to the west and further away across the Muggelsee - which will be good for GW reach. The land area looks reasonably flat so I would expect any node at a reasonable height (try in upstairs rooms!) should be able to get to these GW’s is they have reasonable local elevation.

I suspect you problem may be that the nearest GW to you isnt a real GW - I believe/suspect it is a kludged Heltec based SCPF -aka a single channel GW - these are a nightmare to work with as they do not meet LoRaWAN spec nor do they handle traffic correctly. It may be several GW’s in range see your join request but the NS will ask this GW as the closed to handle the Join Ack and any downloads/confirmations which likely will not get to you:-) Can you drive closer to one of the other GWs and try to join there (East past the lake or further into Berlin community area?)

You will see lots of recent posts on the forum from people including myself recommending against these SCPF spawn of the devil :wink: for this very reason. :slight_smile:


Topology in your area


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hmm.but yesterday i took the device with me to the middle of Berlin, Kreuzberg near Checkpoint Charlie. And connection did not work either.
And here at my home i am at maybe 15m heigh upstairs. At the screenshot of the map below where the label “Köpenick” is displayed, near the bridge

Really not sure what to suggest at this point then as I dont know your device…perhaps others will step in.

One thought is it may depend on just where you were around Kreuzberg as I believe there are several Single or (and at least one) Dual channel PF’s that operate around there…you may have been unlucky in being ‘serviced’ by one of them depending on the RF path and strongest signals etc, though if you were moving around the density of full GW’s in Berlin would suggest you should have been able to connect…start looking at the documentation and firmware for the device at this point… good luck! :slight_smile:

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That’s right. In order to sort out different reasons for the problem, I’d also suggest to try the device again in a zone where several gateways should be reachable. If there is still no connection, I would suspect a hardware problem with your node.

For further investigation into the problem it’d probably be best to contact TTN community people nearby who can help with gateway logs, SDR debugging, different nodes for testing at your place, general advice, and more.