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I just requested an approval from the owner. The only concern he raised was whether the coworking network would then be somehow open to the public?

I haven’t made any experiences with gateways yet so I couldn’t answer this question directly. Do you know how the gateway will be separated from the other parts of the network?


It’s not open to the public, only the gateway has access to it. Every package sent via LoRaWAN is just forwarded to the TTN. So unlike a wireless LAN there’s no access “over the air” to the local network.

But if the owner of the networks insists on it, you could put the gateway into a different VLAN. That way, even the GW would be seperated from the rest of the network.

You can find more information on that in the Wiki.

@Don-Hege, thanks for clarification. We might consider to configure a separate VLAN, that’s a good idea.

I’ll send you my contact details in a private message so we can discuss the next steps in person :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

as I already wrote on the community page, I’d like to organize a meeting in-person (and repeat it regularly if possible :wink: ).

Anyone interested in that?

Hi, I’m interested in TTN too. Did some Arduino stuff in the last years and just ordered a Draguino-Shield. Wondering if I’ll have access to a gateway… Would also be happy to set up a gateway. Living in the southern part a bit up the hill. Right now just overwhelmed by the vast number of different options…

think you also contacted @TTNEssen through Twitter, right?

For outdoor use, I would recommend this gateway: Lorix One It is not cheap, but I think it’s pretty solid and easy to use.
For indoor use, I am currently using the Laird Sentrius RG1xx and I’m quite happy with it.

For DIY gateways, there’s the RAK831 and the IC880.

I guess it depends on how much you want to spend, how much effort you want to put into it and where you want to place the gateway in the end. But anyways, welcome to the TTN community! :wave:

Hi Don-Hedge, Thank you very much. I’ll start now with a Raspberry Pi and the IC880. Both is ordered and hopefully next week there’ll be an additional gateway live in the south of Essen. Plan is then to bring it outside sooner or later and connect it via PoE.

That’s fantastic!

Also, we might start to think about a TTN meetup in Essen sooner or later. :wink:

Wenn Oberhausener auch willkommen sind, könnte ich ggf. die Location stellen :wink:

OK, a new TTN gateway has just opened in the south of Essen (eui-b827ebfffe0fdebf). Still inside but with the plan to bring it outside. Now starting to fizzle around with the best way to get/display the data captured (temperature, humidity at the beginning).

Je mehr desto besser. :wink: So eine richtig fest etablierte TTN-Community scheint es ja im Ruhrgebiet eh noch nicht zu geben.

Hallo, passt das Thema denn nicht eigentlich perfekt zum Unperfekthaus? Das wäre zum einen eine gute Location für ein Gateway (direkt neben dem Limbecker Platz), zum anderen kann man sich dort treffen, zum dritten gibt es dort doch auch immer wieder Linux-Stammtische, Repair-Workshops etc.?


ja, das wäre auch mein erster Vorschlag für den Ort gewesen. Passt “thematisch” ganz gut zu TTN, ist gut zu erreichen und “skaliert” auch ganz gut von zwei bis 100 Teilnehmern.

gentlemen… English please :sunglasses:

Hi everybody,
I have an project appartment in Heisingen running a Lorix One Gateway. So I am also happy to participate and support the Essen Community :slight_smile:
Br Peter

I’m happy to hear that. :slight_smile:

Also, I got contacted by a member of the newly founded TTN community “Emscher-Lippe”. They already had a first meeting, so maybe we could join them next time.

Hi Don-Hege,
we are located in the western part of Muelheim an der Ruhr (Speldorf) and would like to test our sensors with existing gateways. Where is the closest one which is active? Who is running it? Contact details?


for a current overview of which gateways exist and where they are located, you can have a look on our TTN page here: On that page you can also see if the gateway is online currently and the owner is also stated most of the times.

If you want to have a look into the current coverage in your area, you can also go to, where real-live ranges of existing gateways are posted.

But if you really need to test new sensors, you could also get your own gateway. :wink:

Best regards

Edit: I just saw that a new indoor gateway was announced at The Things Conference. Price is just $70. Sounds to good to be true, but we will see (and we will also see if there are any limitations).

Edit2: Meanwhile, more information are available here: Looks like this is what you need for testing. It connects to the internet through WiFi and can be plugged straight into any socket.

I´ve just installed a new Gateway in Essen-Frohnhausen. Actually it is located indoor but when the wether get better I will install it outdoor. The community here seems to have fallen asleep. Is there anybody out there?

Best Regards


Hi Ivan,

there sure is!

Maybe anyone would be up for a in-person meeting in March or April?

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