Example/tutorial of connecting a HELTEC V2 to TTN?

We have already bought a HELTEC V2 WIFI LoRa 32 (V2) – Heltec Automation but we need to know how can it be connected to a MULTITECH GATEWAY

Your device/node uses a gateway to connect to TTN, the gateway is just a ‘media converter’.

Have you configured your gateway on TTN?

Once that is done you can look at the next step, your Heltec, they have very good examples.

Actually your first step needs to be to read the TTN documentation, did you do that?


Probably also worth you doing some reading on the Forum and using the TTN Community’s cumulative knowledge and experience…search (top right on each Forum page) is your friend but here are your starters for 10 that may be worth going through…

Good Luck!


Yes we have already configured the Gateway to TTN. Just we want to know how to connect Heltec device to the TTN

Heltec provide docs, there are docs linked at the bottom of the each page of the console where you registered the gateway, if you follow either of them or the docs of the LMIC-node which explicitly supports the Heltec, which of course you know because you looked at the reply Jeff gave you, so please can you explain the exact thing that’s holding you up?

Please be assured, everyone here who is a volunteer, which is all of us, will not be retyping the docs that already exists.


Well if you read the documentation and suggestions above you will know the following.

  1. You need to create a application
  2. Add a device to the application (this is the Heltec v2)
    2.1 This need Keys and Nick web page is use full to generate some
    2.3 Use LIMI-node as suggested by Jeff, the github is very well documented on a few devices including the some of Heltec.
    3.Powere it up and see your data in the live view.

PS. Please consider FUP


I also recommend LMIC-node. I used it for a Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 (V2). It’s well documented and easy to configure. I initially typo-ed the keys, but once I fixed that the node connected right up.


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