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Generic Node Sensor Edition - A3 - 1434x540

                     Generic Node Sensor Edition (GNSE)

Generic Node Tracking Edition - B3 - 1434x440

                    Generic Node Tracking Edition (GNTE)

The Generic Node SE is currently in beta testing.
A select group of beta testers has access to the device.

Be aware that current versions of the hardware and software are pre-releases.
This means that certain aspects may change and/or be improved before the final products are released.

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Fantastic! Congratulations to all who made this happen!
My first question for the forum:

How do I get a Generic Node from where ever they are fabricated to my work bench?
:wink: P

Did you manage to find out anything about how to get one or roughly what they might cost or when they might be available. I was hoping that would be discussed at the conference last week - but if it was I missed it.

There were several conference sessions focussed on the Generic Node - h/w firmware/tools etc. (look for the conference videos) Details on final 1st production build volumes, pricing and sales channels still being worked on by TT team so we expect to hear more details in the community in a few weeks. The initial early adopter/beta tester stealth samples will be going out soon (I hope) - I cant wait to get hands on one or two myself :wink:

I saw all the stuff at the conference. Without knowing if the things are $50 of $250 it is hard to know how to react. I was expecting at least some kind of indicative pricing and some indication of how and when early adopters might be able to get access.

During one of the sessions target pricing was been mentioned. As I heard too much information during the week I’m not confident I can recall what was mentioned.

When questioned during one session @johan mentioned that they were deciding what the volume of initial builds would be based on the stealth community and early users plus feedback gathered from interested people and that until that was fixed they wouldn’t know final price (or timescales) based on build economics if nothing else, also there had not been notice of the final sales channel(s) as this will likely also affect end price depending on margin expectations etc. (This can be significant as launch headline price can often be much lower than final price especially once taxes etc added. The $69 TTIG ended up as £62.50 ex vat, that’s £75 once uk vat added etc. for 1 off, vs current exchange rate adjusted price of ~£50 ex vat - or ~£54ish ex vat at time of launch. Similar happens in the Raspberry Pi space.) That said based on the Things UNO Node we can expect pricing in the $ten’s, not $hundreds I’m sure.

Still awaiting for my 1st eval unit… …can’t wait :sweat: :slight_smile:

Price indication for the previous 2019 Generic Node initiave was $25. That product had different specs and unfortunately was never released. It will be interesting to see what the price for the new 2021 Generic Node models will be. The more interesting the price the better their potential success.

Jac, Thanks - like you I heard a lot, and must have not heard the mention of target pricing. If you have any whose presentation it was in please let me know and I will try and listen to it again (I could only hear recorded sessions because the live sessions were all late at night).

Blue, thanks I am aware that the 2019 GN target price was US$25. As you say the spec and internals for the current are a bit different, so I was not confident the same target would apply.

Jeff, I fully understand that a final price and delivery dates may require details to be resolved. I do think it reasonable for indicative or target prices and dates to be provided at a launch.

Obviously shipping, tax/duties, handling charges will vary, most people are used to buying things directly from all over the world.

I can’t see why a channel uplift would be put on these devices - it would by far be simplest to buy them directly (not via channels who may add no value). Certainly for early adopters and experimentation.

If the idea is produce a consumer product that competes with other consumer oriented products on the market and to be sold in volumes (and held in inventory by channels/distributors) then perhaps the issue of channel margin is more of a factor. wienkegiezeman said “… we want to share open code and innovation on how we think a LoRaWAN device should work. … to allow anybody to create a version of the Generic Node. …” So I had the distinct impression its purpose was to accelerate adoption and best practice - not to turn TNN into a consumer device company. Maybe I am wrong.

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I have to say I am very excited about this product. I am hobbyist electronics engineer/fulltime software engineer, and I developed my own LoRaWAN product end-to-end (Smart Garden Project Complete with Mobile App).
It’s a LoRaWAN smart garden with mobile app, latching solenoids, backend, and sensors.

I would love to get my hands on one of these devices even as an early adopter. Is there any way I can request a device? I’d be happy to provide feedback, etc.

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Is there any info on what the final price will be? I just got an email offering me to “pre-qualify” for 15EUR, with the following note:

You can request money back at any time. The moment we are ready to ship, this payment will be a discount on your order.

I guess this means that the final product will cost more than 15 EUR? But how much more?


Is this FCC and CE approved? Can I use this right now in the USA?

No, the product has not yet been released (and a release date is currently unknown).

Will this support the listen before talk (LBT) so you can obtain regulatory approval from countries like South Korea?

Stupid question alert…

But since this is hardware (not TTN software) and has “generic” right in the name, the question is bound to come up…

Can the hardware be used on other LoRaWAN platforms other than TTN - like chirpstack?

The Generic Node is a LoRaWAN device (based on STM32WL55).

It should be possible to use the hardware with any LoRaWAN network.

I assumed so, but thanks for clarifying.

Cool device, and I’m looking forward to its public release (no time to beta test right now).