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Everything related to upgrading from TTN V2 to V3.

As announced during the opening keynote of The Things Conference 2021, The Things Network is upgrading to The Things Stack V3. Finally!
We call it The Things Network V3 (or just TTN V3).

Later this year the existing TTN V2 backend environment will be retired and no longer be available. Existing V2 applications, devices and gateways will have to be migrated to the new The Things Network V3 environment.

Migration will involve much more than just some copy paste actions.
As the migration impacts the whole The Things Network Community we expect many users will turn to the forum for questions, tips and issues they may run into during the migration.
The ‘V2 to V3 Upgrade’ category and subcategories were created to support this and make it easier to categorize and find information related to the upgrade.

When creating a new topic please select the most appropriate category for your topic:

(Sub)category Use for questions and feedback about
V2 to V3 Upgrade Main category, use only if your topic has a general character
Migrating Applications to V3 Migrating applications from TTN V2 to V3
Migrating Devices to V3 Migrating devices from TTN V2 to V3
Migrating Gateways to V3 Migrating gateways from TTN V2 to V3
V3 Console The TTN V3 Console
V3 Applications TTN V3 applications
V3 Devices TTN V3 devices
V3 Gateways TTN V3 gateways
V3 Integrations TTN V3 integrations


  • Applications are not just TTN applications defined in the console but also include the customer applications that interface with these TTN applications.
  • In V3, MQTT can be found under ‘Integrations’.
    (Integrations can be selected at the application level.)

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