Laird Sentrius RS1xx Series

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Is there a way to decode the payload directly in TTN rather than having to use NodeRED?

you don’t have to use node red … see
this is not a support question for this product

It is directly related to this device. The documentation from Laird only contains examples with node red.

Ideally was wondering if there was a way to decode the data directly in the console, like with the things node

Apologies for not searching the forums deeper. I found the same issue already reported… No Payload from Laird RS1XX

release v4.4_18-10-17 :

  • Add support to enable/disable confirmed packets.
  • Users can now select the format of the uplink data packet in order to meet the requirements of the MyDevices Cayenne application server. The original packet format from FW version 3.1 is included under the Laird option.
  • Added software watchdog timer to reset the sensor if it is not working as expected.
    • Bit 3 of the options byte is used to indicate if the sensor has reset.
  • Hold user button for 5 seconds to reset the sensor.
  • RTC time now requested via options byte in a data packet.
  • RTC requested immediately on connection and not on first data packet.
  • Immediately after joining the sensor now sends an extra uplink packet containing version information.
  • Previous configuration variables now retained from version 3.x to 4.x.
  • The sensor will now restart after disconnecting from Bluetooth if a setting has changed.
  • First uplink packet now sent at the currently loaded data rate and not the hardcoded value.
  • Reduce power consumption by only performing temperature check once instead of twice.

Hello! I think, i have bricked my RS186. I try to update the FW of my RS186 using BT. And it failed !
Now when I start the node, I have two led on and… nothing more
what to do?

Contact Laird support through their website.

Maybe this can help you @kelu28 Laird Sentrius RS1XX on TTN - Firmware update failure

No help or no response?

isn’t that the same problem as discussed here and mentioned before… Laird is investigating ?