This documentation page applies to the legacy Things Network Stack V2. Documentation for The Things Stack V3 is available here

Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell

The wirnet iFemtoCell is a low-cost, indoor LoRaWAN nano gateway that can be easily connected through WiFi or ethernet.

Kerlink iFemtoCell

Source & further info You do need to request a login and password from Kerlink

Powering the iFemtoCell

Connect the 12V adapter.

Connecting to the iFemtoCell

iFemtoCells are named after their serial number and are called klk-wifc-XXXXXX. You can replace the XXXXXX by the six hexadecimal digits from the serial number which are also the last six hexadecimal digits of the Board ID (printed on the bottom of the gateway).

For example, if an iFemtoCell has 704BEc1234AB as board ID, the host name will be: klk-wifc-1234AB

Ethernet or WiFi

Both ethernet and WiFi can be used (for WiFi, make sure to use the firmware 3.3.3. or later). A WiFi access point is available at boot time on each iFemtoCell for one hour, broadcasting an SSID named after its serial number (klk-wifc-XXXXXX). It can only be used to access the iFemtoCell itself as it does not route traffic to anywhere and does not serve as an Internet wireless access point.

The passphrase to connect to this WiFi network is the Ethernet MAC address (it can be found on the Wirnet iFemtoCell label), in uppercase, without spaces between the digits, e.g. 7076FFYYYYYY.

Note that this interface does not come with a DHCP server, it is only meant to be used for the iFemtoCell’s configuration. Your computer may take some time to get the “connected” status, and the interface will have a “limited connectivity”, which is normal.

iFemtoCell login/password

To prevent Web robots from attacking the gateway with standard login/password “root/root”, default password is built using the last 6 characters of the board ID: pdmk-XXXXXX.

For example, if an iFemtoCell has 704BEc1234AB as board ID, then the root password will be pdmk-1234AB (case sensitive).

klk-wifc-1234AB login: root
Password: pdmk-1234AB

For security reasons, it is highly recommended to change the password. You can do so with the command: passwd

Install and configure the gateway

Follow the unified generic KerOS guide to install and configure your gateway.