This documentation page applies to the legacy Things Network Stack V2. Documentation for The Things Stack V3 is available here

Kerlink Wirnet iStation

The wirnet iStation is the replacement of the legacy Wirnet Station gateway. It is an outdoor LoRaWAN nano gateway that can be easily connected through Ethernet or cellular, with a built-in LoRa 2.6 dBi antenna..

Kerlink iStation

Source & further info You do need to request a login and password from Kerlink

Powering the iStation

Use a POE-enabled switch, or use a POE injector, then connect the RJ45 cable to the iStation.

Alternatively, it is also possible to supply DC power. The input voltage range is 42 to 57VDC and power supply is isolated.

Connecting to the iStation

iStations are named after their serial number and are called klk-wiis-XXXXXX. You can replace the XXXXXX by the six hexadecimal digits from the serial number which are also the last six hexadecimal digits of the Board ID (printed on the bottom of the gateway).

For example, if an iStation has 921CHa010001 as board ID, the host name will be: klk-wiis-010001

Ethernet or cellular

Both ethernet and cellular can be used, though for setup Ethernet is preferred.

iStation login/password

To prevent Web robots from attacking the gateway with standard login/password “root/root”, default password is built using the last 6 characters of the board ID: pdmk-XXXXXX.

For example, if an iStation has 921CHa010001 as board ID, then the root password will be pdmk-010001 (case sensitive).

klk-wiis-010001 login: root
Password: pdmk-010001

For security reasons, it is highly recommended to change the password. You can do so with the command: passwd

Install and configure the gateway

Follow the unified generic KerOS guide to install and configure your gateway.